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    September 29, 2006

    When in trouble, stage a "protest"

    The ICC's decision to let Inzamam get away nearly scot-free (4 one-dayers for making a mockery of the game!) after the events of a few Sundays ago at The Oval where Pakistan, after being charged with altering the condition of the ball, staged a "protest" and eventually forfeited the test, will undoubtedly embolden other cricketers to follow suit.

    If a side, say India, wants to ensure that an umpire, say Steve Bucknor, who has been quite hopeless several times against India, never does duty in a game featuring that team, then all they need to do is to alter the condition of the ball, be accused of ball-tampering, stage a farcical protest and forfeit the game. Then the ICC steps in and plays good-cop bad-cop a few times and rules that although the team didn't tamper with the ball, they were wrong in protesting and that due to 'security reasons', the umpire won't bother turning up for games involving the said team!

    So, if Australia wanted to ensure that Billy Bowden doesn't umpire games involving Australia, given that he isn't rated too highly by Aussie players, what Aussies in their right mind would do is to warn Bowden not to set foot in Australia, or else ... Promptly there'd be a security concern about it and Bowden wouldn't umpire.

    Ranjan Madugalle, who couldn't make it for the earlier scheduled date of the hearing, after hearing arguments from all sides, decided that Pakistan (and thus Inzamam) was not guilty of altering the condition of the ball. But he was guilty, as captain, of bringing the game into disrepute. Hence the ban for 4 one-dayers, even if the maximum permissible was 4 tests or 8 one-dayers. Inzamam will miss Pakistan's next 4 one-dayers, some of which will be played during the ICC Champions Trophy. Apparently, the PCB has convinced the ICC to bend some more rules to let them name a replacement at short notice.

    Darrell Hair, who was left hung out to dry when the ICC's sudden fixation with transparency came to the fore, will not umpire in the ICC Champions Trophy.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 12:17 AM |
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    2 sledge(s):

    its not inzamam that got away that darell hair made a mockery of cricket game and still is in icc elite empire panel

    By Anonymous pamthee (29-Sep-2006, 10:27:00 AM)  

    Pamthee: Four one-dayers ban for not turning up on the cricket pitch is pitiful, especially when the maximum ban is 4 tests or 8 one-day internationals. This is why Inzi has got away scot-free. As for Hair, I'm fairly sure he's on the way out. My prediction a couple of days after the fiasco has turned out to be spot-on. I wrote "Like I also pointed out, I fully expect the PCB, BCCI and SLC to gang up. The ultimate result will be that Inzy will get a ban for not more than 4 ODIs. While the ICC won't explicitly admit to it, Hair will be conveniently ignored for series involving Pakistan & Sri Lanka. That'll satisfy all parties."

    By Blogger Jagadish (29-Sep-2006, 6:00:00 PM)  

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