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    June 24, 2006

    Is Bucknor going to retire?

    The reason I ask is that, watching Brian Jerrling (or Jerring or darling..whatever the heck he is) officiate in this match(innings? India is still to bat, maybe he would compensate ;-)...I cannot help but get the feeling that the ICC is making the base for filling the *huge* gap that Bucknor would leave behind in his wake.

    I mean not only did he make glaring errors, he made enough of those for even the mostly-mindless commentary team out there to take notice, and start sounding increasingly embarrassed.

    His umpiring was so off the mark, to put it mildly, yesterday that when I joined the live action today (having missed the start, and most of the cricket news of the day due to hectic schedule) I saw the Indians wearing black armbands and the first thought that came to my mind, and I kid not, was that they are probably protesting against the decisions gone (and continue to be going) against them :-)

    Ofcourse I later read the news (and presumed) that it was show of respect for the demised former Indian test cricketer Budhisagar Kunderan.

    But seriously, the ICC needs to come out with an official apology for unleashing (another) monster of an umpire in the cricketing world (and not just against India, mind you, for I feel we're going to hear a lot more of Mr Jerrling in coming days and months and years and....aarghh!)
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    I haven't been able to catch any of this Test live yet. But, when I caught up with the highlights this morning, I was shocked with a few not-outs by Jerling. My worry is that he would catch up with these clippings after play and he might hold up his finger for close ones as the Test progresses - which means which could be against India (when they are batting). I hope he goes back home and doesn't stay for the fourth test.

    By Blogger Ganesh (24-Jun-2006, 5:20:00 PM)  

    From the highlights, it was immediately apparent that Kumble would have to give Chandra a call to find out what he exactly said to an umpire who was repeatedly denying his lbw appeals.

    I don't know if this was in England or New Zealand. Chandra got the batsman out bowled and still appealed. The umpire said "But he's bowled". Chandra's immortal riposte: "I know he's bowled, but is he out?"

    By Blogger Jagadish (25-Jun-2006, 8:40:00 AM)  

    The current ICC would have slapped a ban on Chandra for that, just because he was Indian.

    By Blogger Ganesh (25-Jun-2006, 10:41:00 AM)  

    I would not be surprised if the ICC revised the lbw law to accomodate Jerling's decisions, just as it did with the Dhoni-Ganga-Lara fracas.

    By Blogger Jagadish (25-Jun-2006, 1:23:00 PM)  

    Yeah I watched most of the action live...and it was much more horrific than any highlight package can fit in :-) I am sure Rahul would have strong words to write on his post-match report. Not that it may matter much. But in this case, for the first time, I could feel that almost everyone knew (and was implying) that India was being hard-done by. Even the terribly biased WI commentary team.

    It was pathetic...but the problem may sound like 'poor excuse' now that WI managed a big score. We'll have to wait to see how Mr Jerrling progresses.

    Btw..he doesnt seem to be *shaken* much by whats happening around him, and certainly not 'improved' during the Indian innings, going by the looks of it so far (not that Indians had many close calls anyways). I'm also hoping that atleast he maintains his consistency for this game. And then goes on to happily retire ;-)

    By Blogger worma (25-Jun-2006, 5:26:00 PM)  

    Fwiw, he's not going anywhere. Due to umpire with Koertzen in test 4 as well. See Umps-Refs appointments.

    By Blogger Jagadish (25-Jun-2006, 7:03:00 PM)  

    And Jerrling compensates with 3 wrong ones against India.

    By Blogger worma (25-Jun-2006, 9:45:00 PM)  

    jagadish: india can as well come home after test 3.

    worma: "Even the terribly biased WI commentary team" - cant agree with you more. Even Cozier felt that Jerling is doing a few favours to WI.

    By Blogger Ganesh (26-Jun-2006, 8:04:00 AM)  

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