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    June 23, 2006

    Sar 1 Munaf 0

    Ramnaresh Sarwan has just tonked Munaf Patel for not one, two, three or four, but six consecutive fours in an over on the second day of the St. Kitts test batathon.
    83.1 Patel to Sarwan, FOUR, fierce thump through covers! It was full and well outside the off stump, Sarwan rocked back and creamed it through extra cover.
    83.2 Patel to Sarwan, FOUR, bang! hooked to the boundary! It was a bouncer that didnt climb rapidly, rose chest high and Sarwan hooked it past square-leg!
    83.3 Patel to Sarwan, FOUR, another one! full, just outside the off stump and Sarwan throws the kitchen sink at it, it went in the air, just past the diving Yuvraj Singh, at short cover, to the fence! Sarwan is turning it on here.
    83.4 Patel to Sarwan, FOUR, a chinese cut for variation but the result the same, another four! short of length delivery just outside the off stump and Sarwan goes for a cut, gets an inside edge which takes the ball to the fine-leg fence! four in a row! what next?!
    83.5 Patel to Sarwan, FOUR, yes sir! it's a four! Short and outside the off stump, Sarwan rocks back, cuts it deliberately between the slip and the gully to the vacant thirdman fence! Its raining fours at St Kitts!
    83.6 Patel to Sarwan, (no ball) FOUR, oh ho! take that! cut past point! short and outside off again, Sarwan glides back, gets his horizontal shot going and the flashing blade sends the cherry screaming past point! Five fours in a row! Thanks Sarwan! I am wide awake now!
    83.6 Patel to Sarwan, no run, Ah! just a dot ball! short of length outside the off stump, steered to point. Maybe he felt a bit of sympathy towards the bowler, could have steered that one to the fence if he had wished...
    Previous batsmen to have smacked six fours in an over were Sandeep Patil off Bob Willis and Chris Gayle off Matthew Hoggard. Gayle is the only one to hit all six balls of a six ball over for four. This is how he tonked Hoggard around in August 2004.
    2.1 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, a majestic punch to midwicket
    2.2 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, over-pitched and he drives it through extra cover
    2.3 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, leans back and sends it along the ground to long-on
    2.4 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, and again! Leans back and drives one on off stump through the covers
    2.5 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, short and he waits to pull it to long leg
    2.6 Hoggard to Gayle, FOUR, Wow! And again, leans back to a shortish one and drives off the back foot and this is the first instance of 6 fours in an over in Test cricket

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