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    September 20, 2006

    Dwayne Smith on track for 10-fer

    Dwayne Smith, bowling less than 5 overs per one-dayer on an average, and with 30 one-day wickets in 45 games is on track to better Chaminda Vaas' bowling record of 8/19.

    The best bowling figures against a half-decent team are Andy Bichel's 7/20 against England.

    India's must-win game against West Indies is fast turning out to be a one-sided one, with the score reading 38/4 in the 11th over. Dwayne Smith has taken all four wickets (Dravid, Sehwag, Raina and Yuvraj) so far.

    Pathan has been given the red card and Sreesanth plays. West Indies brought in Morton and Collymore, and opened the bowling with Collymore and Smith.

    That said, the last time someone had a chance to get all 10 in a test innings, there was a party pooper!
    Thus spake Jagadish @ 11:45 AM |
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    13 sledge(s):

    Just as I read this post, its 38/4 with Yuvraj back in the hut and Tendulkar is still in with exactly half the team score - 19.

    By Blogger Ganesh (20-Sep-2006, 11:55:00 AM)  

    Tendulkar's doing his best imitation of boy on the burning deck.

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Sep-2006, 12:26:00 PM)  

    WI played just 1.5 regular bowlers..and we managed to surrender to them :-)

    Anyway, Sachin and Bhajji fighting it out now..we can still have some sort of a defence. Although with the WI lineup having 8 batsmen (not counting Smith and Baugh) its really uphill.

    By Blogger worma (20-Sep-2006, 1:27:00 PM)  

    worma: Our bowling has been strengthened with the omission of Pathan :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Sep-2006, 2:00:00 PM)  

    70/5! If any of the Indian team members had a sense of cricket history, they should remember the words of Fred Spofforth - "This thing can be done". Chappell, as an Australian, ought to know!

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Sep-2006, 4:23:00 PM)  

    Wow. Nice win this. But is there something spooky about the game? Lara at #9? Over confidence? "Fixed"? Choked?

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Sep-2006, 6:10:00 PM)  

    Well..dunno if it was fixed or not (if Ind reaches the final, opponents get about 1 million more, is what I read) but anyway...can't really know. Visibly, Lara's demotion was to get his out-of-form players a hit...and it backfired. Not only that, his in-form players didn't play with enough maturity either.

    India cannot afford to play 5 regular bowlers - although one can argue that we won because of them, since a part-timer would have given away the advantage...but the counter is that another regular batsman could have made a difference to the target also. Esp since WI had only 2 regular bowlers, and there was no-one left to capitalise on their part-timers as Bhajji partially did.

    No team in the world plays 5 regular bowlers. Pathan, even as a batting allrounder, is good enough to play. If not, then get in Kaif.

    I wonder, though, that today's display may send wrong signals to the team management...and they may pick the 5 successful bowlers from today for the next game as well. Not realising that our batting lineup in last two games has been a bigger worry than Pathan's bowling as 5th bowler.

    By Blogger worma (20-Sep-2006, 6:44:00 PM)  

    Update your blog with official site of bcci -

    By Anonymous Anonymous (21-Sep-2006, 8:04:00 AM) linked in the official sites section. thanks.

    By Blogger Ganesh (21-Sep-2006, 10:57:00 AM)  

    It was fairly obvious that WI wanted India in the final. The head to head record indicates a greater chance of WI winning. In addition, Lara said that he hoped Tendulkar would do an encore on Friday :)

    I think playing 5 regular bowlers is ok. The batting can take care of itself most of the time, plus folks like Agarkar, Pathan and Harbhajan can bat. We're playing 5 bowlers since we don't have allrounders.

    By Blogger Jagadish (21-Sep-2006, 11:59:00 AM)  

    Jagadish: thats not true...we have enough decent ODI-mode allrounders. Sehwag kind of bowlers are considered game for regularly taking bowling load in other teams. Pathan, as I said, even with poor form, can be treated as an allrounder (albeit heavier on batting scale in Razzaq or Collingwood fashion..or even Symonds). Ofcourse it would be ideal if we had Pathan at his bowling peak PLUS batting like he does.

    By Blogger worma (21-Sep-2006, 12:17:00 PM)  

    Yes. But a true one-day all rounder (Flintoff, Watson nowadays, Klusener, Cairns [previously], Jayasuriya, Afridi, Razzaq etc.) give you _ten_ overs. Sehwag, Tendulkar, Yuvraj bowl 3-5 overs each. Thats why I can't consider them all rounders, even in one-dayers. They're part-timers. I hope Pathan doesn't go the same way!

    By Blogger Jagadish (21-Sep-2006, 8:22:00 PM) ODI allrounder cannot give you ten overs in every game. And please remove Klusener and Cairns (and Flintoff) from that list. Those were genuine allrounders, atleast in their prime.

    Razzaq, Symonds, Collingwood are the kind of allrounders whom you throw the ball to and see if they have a good day or not...and then decide to go for full 10 overs quota or not. If they have a bad day, go to your part timers who are there as cover. And I don't think Pak, Aus or Eng would have ever gone into an ODI match confident of getting full 10 out of these guys.

    And this is what I expect Pathan to be, if he doesnt pick up his bowling (which, I think he has more chances of improving than not...given his age).

    By Blogger worma (22-Sep-2006, 1:43:00 PM)  

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