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    August 25, 2006

    "I don't know what's going on out there"

    That's exactly what Fred Trueman would have said, were he alive, after a day that saw drama suddenly pop up in the evening, much like it had last Sunday evening.

    Just when the ICC was faced with the need to act fast on hearing the charges against Inzamam, a shocking revelation by ICC Chief Executive Malcolm Speed has rocked the boat, big-time.

    Malcolm Speed revealed that Darrell Hair had offered to quit as an umpire for a one-off settlement of US $500,000. i.e. he'd offered to take money to not umpire, as opposed to taking money to not play well.

    Subsequently, as the emails dated August 22nd 2006 reveal, he did back down on his protest, but only to the extent that the offer could be revised in the light of racism claims.

    So what does this amount to? Is he accepting that his actions were not right? Could this set a precedent now? The next time an umpire gets into a controversy, will he do the same thing, i.e. offer to quit on payment of a huge sum? Isn't Hair in breach of any ICC code of conduct?

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 11:49 PM |
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    5 sledge(s):

    A few points:

    1. Not all the context to Hair's emails has been put forward. The first note refers to previous discussions - the ICC has been quite duplicitous in not revealing that context, if it was material, or at least making a statement that it was not material.

    2. Asking for the money isn't necessarily an admission of guilt - it could just have been the best way of Hair getting out without any further embarrassment. And if he hadn't asked for money, wouldn't that have been even more an admission of guilt?

    3. Why should these emails, if they contain no admission of guilt, be material to Inzamam's code of conduct hearing? Hair and the ICC could have been discussing stuff on the basis that the hearing would come out a certain way.

    4. Hair should have some cause to get after the ICC for breach of confidence, if not for breaching their good faith obligations as his employer. If my employer leaked confidential discussions on flimsy pretexts, particularly if they'd initiated the discussions, I'd certainly expect a settlement of some sort.

    This is not a comment on the ball tampering row and its rights or wrongs. Just on what the ICC has done qua Hair and these discussions.

    By Blogger Old Spice (26-Aug-2006, 4:34:00 PM)  

    Indeed. I also don't understand why the ICC needs to make this public. If this emails are to be made public, so should the match ball as well as the entire set of deliberations which happened two Sundays ago at The Oval. The proceedings of Inzy's hearing should also be public. It can't be selective!

    By Blogger Jagadish (29-Aug-2006, 4:06:00 PM)  

    Also about this whole revelation by Barry Jarman about South Africa's ball-tampering against India in 1996/7, it lends further credence to a few issues:

    - Everyone's done it: Indians, South Africans, Englishmen, Aussies, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans [So make it legal?]
    - There's a lot of inconsistency in ICC ref's rulings
    - The ball-tampering by South Africa wasn't even registered. Instead, we saw penalties imposed for significantly more important transgressions such as over-appealing.
    - There will be a lot more claims about racism

    By Blogger Jagadish (29-Aug-2006, 5:05:00 PM)  

    just a few points i would like to make...
    firstly hair has supposedly offered to quit from the elite panel
    which is different from quitting as an umpire as such...
    (he can still umpire in all first class matches and also in those
    matches where an elite panel member umpire cannot be made available)
    The main difference is, though, that Hair if removed from the elite
    panel would not umpire in the world cup.

    secondly, in my opinion, i dont think that his asking for money to save
    ICC from an embarassing racial allegation in which atleast 2 countries
    have joined hands(and possibly more could join) can be taken as any sign
    of guilt. Trying to put myself in Hair's mindset(just for the letter part
    please, not during the fiasco itself) if your quitting will make the situation
    better for your employer and will just affect you financially, why not just
    ask for financial reimbursement so that your employer can have an easier situation
    to handle?
    Well i would have probably done the same as Hair..but then thats just me :)

    By Blogger MountCleverest (30-Aug-2006, 11:47:00 AM)  

    mountcleverest: Hair umpiring in other games would be solely dependent on whether the ECB (not CA) wants him to be part of their "elite" panel or whatever. Lets say you're an employee and you're under investigation for an error of judgement at your company. Can you actually tell your CEO "Look mate, just pay me $500,000 and I'll go away"? Chances are it won't work :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (30-Aug-2006, 2:45:00 PM)  

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