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    February 03, 2009

    ICC rights a wrong

    Last July, the ICC wrongly decided that the Oval test of 2006 was a draw. Barely 6 months later, yesterday, the ICC has announced that the original result would stand, i.e. England won the game.

    It does seem bizarre that the same organization came to different conclusions. How likely is it that David Morgan, as the ICC President, had his way in return for Sharad Pawar having his way over the ICL being declared 'authorized' cricket?

    Instead, the ICC has now left it to individual boards to decide if a game or tournament in its territory was approved or disapproved. What this means is that New Zealand, Pakistan and Bangladesh (the 3 countries mainly impacted by the ICL exodus) can have their players back, but the BCCI will continue to ban ICL players from playing in BCCI-conducted tournaments (& thus be ineligible for national or other representative selection)

    Pakistan has been ruled out as the host of the 2009 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy and the new venue will only be decided in April. After the terror attacks in Mumbai in November, India cancelled its tour of Pakistan. Now, Pakistan has responded by barring Pakistani players from playing in the IPL. There's nothing wrong with that. A country has the right (& duty!) to assess threat perception and act accordingly.

    But now, we're left with 2 countries being ruled out from hosting the tournament - Pakistan because of the ICC's decision yesterday and India because Pakistani players won't turn up. There's talk of Sri Lanka hosting the tournament, currently scheduled for September-October 2009. But consider that Colombo, the main cricketing centre there with three international grounds, typically has heavy rainfall from end-September all the way till November. The only international cricket venue which will be unaffected by the monsoon is Dambulla, in the centre of the country. Can the pitch handle 15 matches in a span of 17 days? I suspect not!

    Do us all a favour - just scrap it!

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 1:47 AM |
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    2 sledge(s):

    justice has been done, Pakistan deserve to concede that test match for their petulant behaviour.

    Have nt seen the schedules for test matches this year 2009 in England

    Hope its not a damp squib .. like 2008 when we reached august 10th and that was it... the end of test match cricket for the season !
    we were just left with a few one dayers against South Africa !
    August 10th should be the middle of the test match season... not the end !

    By Anonymous Anonymous (03-Feb-2009, 7:56:00 PM)  

    2009 is an Ashes year! First, West Indies turn up in May for a return series (4 tests, 5 ODIs) in England. Then its the T20 world cup in June. After that, it is Ashes time in July & August. Then there're 7 ODIs against Australia

    By Blogger Jagadish (04-Feb-2009, 12:24:00 PM)  

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