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    January 03, 2009

    ICC ratings in 2008 - the gainers and the losers

    While the way the ICC rankings work will be as much an unknown commodity as the Duckworth-Lewis tables, they are a reasonable pointer to the way a team performed across a slightly larger time period - say a year.

    Using the test and odi rankings list for 2008, I charted out the performances of the top 7 teams (Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa & Sri Lanka). The results are interesting.

    See the test ratings graph below. New Zealand & Australia are the biggest losers in terms of rating points (nearly 13% down for New Zealand & 8% for Australia) in December compared to January. South Africa (8.3%) is the biggest gainer, obviously because of their performances away, in India, England and Australia.

    Pakistan (6.4%) is a gainer despite not playing a single test during the year! Go figure! Ignoring Pakistan's gain, India (6.3%) were the 2nd biggest story of the year, and (again) deservedly so since they beat Australia and England.

    From the odi ratings graph below, India are the biggest gainers (8%) followed by Pakistan (4.6%). How is it that South Africa are #2 despite actually falling in rankings significantly (5.6%)? I'd say its because positions 2-7 are much more clustered together now (December) compared with at the start of the year. The other teams were neglibibly positive or negative in the rating change.

    The combined ratings (a simple addition of the test & odi ratings) in the graph below indicates that if you take tests and odis as a whole, India are the team of the year (14.5% increase) while New Zealand's dip (13%) is a major cause for concern. Australia had a nearly 4% dip while Pakistan's numbers are artificially boosted by the test rating.

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    6 sledge(s):

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