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    July 22, 2008

    Sorry Mr. Ted, it is very pathetic

    I have been tracking Ted Corbett's articles written in 'The Hindu' for a while and I have not seen anyone write in such a biased manner towards any country. Each article was more biased in favour of England than the previous one. In fact many times, I have lost interest half-way through and stopped reading it completely.

    I was very happy last night as South Africa won with ridiculous ease at Headingley and was very eager to read Ted's excuses and gloatings. But, what I read this morning was too shocking for me to not write about it.

    If you didn't know the result and you started reading the match report, you'd think that England managed to do what South Africa did at Lord's - bat out of their skins for a draw. Over the years that I have followed cricket, I have read so many articles and heard commentary where the bias is pretty obvious. But Ted Corbett has blown away the competition with this piece when he talks highly about Broad and the pyrrhic 61-run tenth wicket partnership which is not even the best for England at home.

    In fact, I was half expecting him to point out gleefully that South Africa took 7 balls to win, rather than getting the 9 runs in 2 balls.

    All this, after South Africa have just managed to claw back to a draw in the Lord's Test, thanks to a splendid display with the bat and then adding insult to England's injuries by wrapping up the Leeds test in four days.

    It should be very interesting to continue reading more such excuses from England.

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