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    December 18, 2008

    YAPTC - India will not tour Pakistan in 2009

    India's tour of Pakistan, which has been in jeopardy right from the time the Pakistani link to the terror attack in Mumbai in November was identified, has now been officially called off. It is unclear if the 'prevailing circumstances' that the Indian government mentions relates to the security situation in Pakistan or the breakdown in diplomatic relations in the last 2-3 weeks.

    In any case, there's little the PCB can do, since the ICC will not interfere when governments take decisions. The ICC can only interfere when a cricket board pulls out without government advisories to back the decision.

    In 2003, a few months before India toured Pakistan after 14 years, I introduced the acronym YAPTC. I wrote
    Pakistan has been crying itself hoarse over the last year or so about how it is a very safe place to play cricket, barring bombings in cities where matches are scheduled.
    India's official stance against playing in Pakistan should be that it cannot risk sending its players and citizens to a place where there is a VERY big threat perception.
    The point is that we should not tour Pakistan. Purely for security reasons. Nothing else.
    In my opinion, the Indian government's decision is right, for the simple reason that India's cricketers would be sitting ducks in Pakistan given the huge potential for terrorist groups there to seek revenge for being banned. I know a lot of folks would say this robs fans of the chance to follow an eagerly awaited series, but that is secondary. The safety and security of cricketers should be the priority.

    The other concern is the fate of the ICC Champions Trophy 2008 2009. If India continues with its policy of not sending its cricketers until the political/diplomatic/security situation improves, that tournament could also be cancelled.

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    5 sledge(s):

    So no cricket in Jan and feb for india.

    By Blogger Jadu Kumar Saikia (18-Dec-2008, 11:13:00 PM)  

    I agree,there is no point going to Pakistan.

    the sports minister had earlier made Governments concerned clear earlier.

    By Blogger Tarun (20-Dec-2008, 8:11:00 PM)  

    So by your own theory it is unsafe for touring teams to play in India while there is still a threat.

    By Anonymous Gonzo (02-Jan-2009, 6:39:00 AM)  

    Wrong, Gonzo. My argument is that there would be a huge chance for a revenge attack on India's cricketers. In any case the Indian government announced an advisory against travelling to Pakistan sometime earlier this week. There's a good reason for it!

    By Blogger Jagadish (02-Jan-2009, 8:31:00 PM)  

    Point taken, this also the reason Aus have not travelled to Pakistan recently.
    Do you have any possible solution to Pakistans isolation as i believe that world cricket needs as many strong competitive teams as possible?
    Thanks for the banter.

    By Anonymous Gonzo (07-Jan-2009, 5:10:00 PM)  

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