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    January 07, 2009

    Breaking news: Pietersen and Moores quit as England's captain & coach

    According to Sky News, Kevin Pietersen has quit as England's captain. Cricinfo reports that Peter Moores, England's coach, has also resigned.

    This follows the publicized clash of views between the two that required hurried intervention by senior folks at the ECB.

    Pietersen had been named England captain 5 months ago.

    I guess we'll have to await confirmation from the ECB, but this is about the worst thing that England cricket needs now with a tour of West Indies starting in a couple of weeks and a team that hasn't beaten significant opposition for 3 years now, the last one being the home win over Pakistan in 2006.

    Now who'll be made captain? Strauss? But he isn't in the ODI team. Vaughan? Isn't that a retrograde move? Flintoff? He was cast aside after the 2006/07 Ashes thrashing. Collingwood? He gave up the job 5 months ago and I'm not sure how much of a certainty he is in tests because he seems to be in the team on a per-test basis. Cook? Far too early! My guess is that the ECB, if it does accept Pietersen's resignation, will opt for Strauss as test captain & persuade Flintoff or Collingwood to be the ODI captain.

    As for the coach, that's a toughie because the main candidates that people have talked about are associated with either Pietersen or Moores. Andy Flower is a Moores pick while Graham Ford was being backed by Pietersen. I guess that also rules out Warne!

    Do I love it when England cricket is in trouble? Of course!

    Update: I just had a rather evil thought. Does it seem like Pietersen doesn't quite enjoy it when things don't work out the way he wants? He quit South Africa claiming that the system was unfair. Now he's quit as captain because he can't have his way with the coach.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 7:19 PM |
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    2 sledge(s):

    All this shows up what a bad decision
    it was to elevate Kevo to the captancy
    so early in his England career.
    For a captain to so openly seek to remove his own teams coach is just not done in the professional game, especially at top level.

    What is it with these South African guys ?
    they are great sportsman.. great cricketers.. but they seem lacking in judgement and professional conduct.

    Remember Hansie Cronje.... a brilliant guy with a great career .. he was set up for life and had a big media pundit career ahead of him.. travelling the world, staying at top class hotels etc

    but he goes and blows it all for a few thousand quid and a leather jacket !
    wot was the guy thinking of ?

    Seems to me that Kevo is doing another Hansie !

    By Anonymous Anonymous (09-Jan-2009, 8:59:00 PM)  

    Strauss should have been made captain in the first place last August. The ECB clearly messed up. It assumed that making the best batsman captain would be a great solution. It almost never is (Tendulkar, Ponting, Lara, etc. are excellent examples)

    By Blogger Jagadish (18-Jan-2009, 11:05:00 PM)  

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