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    June 01, 2006

    New ICC rankings site

    The ICC and LG, official sponsor of the ICC ratings since last January, have revamped the rankings site and it also has a new URL -

    At least now the ICC uses its own domain, rather than some unknown strange domains like I pointed out last October.

    It is interesting playing around with the 'Date specific' and 'Best ever' rankings. The top 3 test batsmen as of the day I was born were Alvin Kallicharan, Gundappa Viswanath and Glenn Turner. The top three bowlers were Dennis Lillee, Andy Roberts and Derek Underwood. The top three one-day batsmen were Keith Fletcher, Dennis Amiss and Ian Chappell. The top three one-day bowlers were Max Walker, Bernard Julien and Chris Old.

    There is a lot of inconsistency in the results which you might see as well. I got Viv Richards as the top test bowler a couple of times. Some re-querying got me saner answers. This is, to me, a fairly crappy but fun tool to fool around with. Go ahead, play with it and tell us who the top three were when you were born!

    Update: To determine the 'best ever' batsmen and bowlers, the site uses the highest rating at a given point in time. Wouldn't it have been better, and a fairer judgement of who the best really is/was, if the players' ratings had been averaged over their career? If Sunil Gavaskar is ahead of Lara, Miandad, Haynes & Tendulkar in the all-time one-day batting list, Peter May and Matthew Hayden are ahead of Richards, Gavaskar & Lara in the all-time test batting list and Tony Lock is ahead of Warne, Lindwall and Trueman in the test bowling list and Ewen Chatfield is ahead of Kumble, Vaas & Wasim in one-dayers, then David Lloyd's backside is indeed a fire engine.


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    5 sledge(s):

    When I was born...
    G Chappell, G Turner & V Richards were the Top 3 Test batsmen and Vishy was the first Indian featured there at 6.
    D Lille, J Thomson & D Underwood were the Top 3 Test bowlers and Bedi was the first Indian featured there at 6.
    K Fletcher, D Amiss & I Chappell were the Top 3 ODI batsmen and the first Indian was as low as 17 and it was Brijesh Patel.
    M Walker(Aus), B Julien(WI), R Collinge(NZ) were the Top 3 ODI bowlers and Bedi was the first Indian at 14.

    By Blogger Ganesh (01-Jun-2006, 12:53:00 PM)  

    I just did some searches in the 80s and got SK Warne and GD McGrath as being among the best ODI batsmen of the time! I think it's because I also did a search for best bowlers, the results were conflated.

    And click on the charts sends me to this:

    Still, it's definitely good fun.

    By Anonymous Geoff (01-Jun-2006, 1:19:00 PM)  

    When cricket24x7 was born...
    Gilchrist, Jimmy Adams & Cronje were the Top 3 Test batsmen and Agarkar at 20 was the first Indian batsman in the list - now we know why its slightly crappy.
    Akhtar, Harmison & Gillespie were the Top 3 Test bowlers and Dhoni was the first Indian featured there at 9 - super data!
    Richards, G Chappell & Zaheer Abbas were the Top 3 ODI batsmen and the first Indian was as low as 17, but it was Kumble.
    Miandad, R Richardson & Muralitharan were the Top 3 ODI bowlers and Tendulkar at 12 was the first Indian there.

    This is what I got. Please check if you get different answers for the same date. As I spend more time on it, I don't think its even worth spending any time on it and its not even fun.

    By Blogger Ganesh (01-Jun-2006, 1:24:00 PM)  

    When I was born...

    Top 3 Test batsmen: Gordon Greenidge, Allan Border and Deelip Vengsarkar.

    Top 3 Test bowlers: Richard Hadlee, Malcolm Marshall and Imran Khan.

    And it wouldn't give me the One-Day results...keeps taking me to the test results again and again.

    By Anonymous Zainub (02-Jun-2006, 12:59:00 AM)  

    geoff: ... not in any way related to Ehsan Mani, would it be? ;)

    ganesh: Certainly the results are nonsensical a lot of the time. It is fun to see the stupid results :)

    zainub: The one-day results definitely "work". Did you select 'One-day internationals' in the menu?

    By Blogger Jagadish (02-Jun-2006, 10:01:00 AM)  

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