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    May 29, 2006

    Being superstitious does help!

    Cricketers, and sportspersons in general, are typically a superstitious lot. They believe a lot in luck, destiny etc. If putting their left pad/glove on first got them the century or five wicket haul that kick-started (or revived) their international career, they make it the habit of a playing lifetime. Steve Waugh had that red piece of cloth with him all the time, even when it was in tatters. The red rag showing up near his hip meant that bowlers invariably targetted his body rather than the wickets, which didn't help him towards the end of his career since his hip had basically taken too much of a battering. Batsmen have the luxury of continuously using the same 'lucky' bat for years at a stretch, mending it with tape, glue etc. while bowlers, unfairly, can't ever hope to bowl with the same 'lucky' ball.

    If cricketers have to wear the same set of "whites" for two days in a row, perhaps they will. While I'll never publicly admit to having worn unwashed "whites", I will admit that on quite a few occasions I've worn half dried white t-shirts to games just because I got 3 wickets in the previous game and/or scored a vital 20-30 (I never did hope to bat/bowl any better!) wearing that same t-shirt.

    It therefore comes as no surprise to me that India lost the one-day series 4-1. Despite talk of India's batsmen being unable to cope with Gayle, Samuels & Bravo, India's bowlers being unable to cope with Gayle, Sarwan, Lara & Bravo and shoddy catching/fielding, the real reason West Indies won and India lost was the fact that several of India's players opted to change their hairstyles after the one-day thulping handed out to England, a point which didn't escape the hawk-like eyes of Zainub Razvi, the president of The Anti Foolish Hair Cut Association, even before the series started.

    Sreesanth's haircut when taking wicketsSreesanth's haircut when not taking wickets
    Pathan's haircut when taking wicketsPathan's haircut when not taking wickets
    Dhoni's haircut when scoring runs and taking catchesDhoni's haircut when not scoring runs and not taking catches
    I therefore rest my case. Three key players, all of them changing their hairdos before a crucial tour. Couldn't they have done something less stupid?

    In passing, at least India ensured that Brian Lara didn't have an opportunity to take a rest after being 3-0 up!


    Thus spake Jagadish @ 10:42 AM |
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    6 sledge(s):

    Well, West Indies were three up on the completion of the last match. And he didn't say he'd be rested, which wouldn't have made sense as the last two games were at his home ground. West Indies did indeed rest players later in the series (Edwards, Baugh, Bradshaw). I would say his comments were pretty much spot on.

    By Anonymous Geoff (29-May-2006, 12:54:00 PM)  

    geoff: True. I misread his comments, I was clearly devastated by the eventual turn of events during the series!

    By Blogger Jagadish (29-May-2006, 1:59:00 PM)  

    Great post guys. Well is there something like Samson losing all his strength ?

    y v sai madhav


    By Blogger SAI MADHAV (29-May-2006, 11:54:00 PM)  

    sm: Possibly. So we ought to hold these chaps and their hairdressers responsible!

    By Blogger Jagadish (30-May-2006, 8:59:00 AM)  

    Hawk like eyes, eh? Suppose I can say I'm flattered. Thanks!

    By Anonymous Zainub (02-Jun-2006, 12:45:00 AM)  

    zainub: Of course! You were the first one to comment on how the hairstyle changes would impact the on-field performances!

    By Blogger Jagadish (02-Jun-2006, 9:56:00 AM)  

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