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    May 15, 2006

    WI ODI series preview

    The buildup to the series is almost complete...with most of the WI batsmen warming up in the Zim series, and Lara reminding us that they may be unpredictable, but our head to head count is not really bad. And they surely have the skills to cause an upset against *any* side in the world, not only the Indians. After all, they did it in the last edition of Champions Trophy too, with virtually the same core group.

    The West Indians had a very stop-start ODI season, and therefore never got the momentum going. The Zim series, along with Lara's captaincy, could have been just what they needed. I would expect an exciting series ahead, not the regular 4-1 or 6-1 kind of mauling India had been handing over of late. That said, I would surely be shocked if we lose the series.

    Meanwhile, the Indians have started practising and would travel to Montego Bay tomorrow. More importantly (and to the pleasant surprise of some, I suspect) Mahendra Singh Dhoni has cropped his locks!

    Practise hard is the way forward for Sachin also, trying to get as much of it under his belt by travelling to the MRF foundation in Chennai, not only to prove to others but also I suspect to himself that he's once again ready for the big stage. With hardly any decent domestic cricket happening in the country, this is probably the best he can do. Still 5 days to go for his fitness test on 20th, by which time, if he's really match fit, he should be able to absorb a few hours of net session on the trot.

    And btw, hope you're catching the wonderful tour diaries of Sid once again, at cricinfo.

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    6 sledge(s):

    Will be interesting to see what affects Dhoni's new hair style has on his batting, in fact, I reckon, that could be, pretty much, the only interesting thing about the ODI series over all, or at least for me anyway. I'd expect India to win though, West Indian bowling simply not good enough these days.

    By Anonymous Zainub (16-May-2006, 7:04:00 AM)  

    talking of team efforts , How about this one where the man of the match is the entire team:) ..Check the below link ..It says men of the match "Entire team" ...

    By Anonymous Anonymous (16-May-2006, 2:22:00 PM)  

    are you sure that it wasnt fixed?

    By Blogger Ganesh (16-May-2006, 3:19:00 PM)  

    ganesh: The game or the award?

    zainub: You're clearly unaware of Sreesanth's newest hairstyle (for want of a better word) - see this (bowling) and this (standing third from right). Pathan has got himself a new style as well!

    By Blogger Jagadish (16-May-2006, 4:27:00 PM)  

    probably both jag. did you see who led rsa in that match?

    By Blogger Ganesh (16-May-2006, 5:47:00 PM)  

    cullinan must have thought it was of the match for making 4 and 9 ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous (16-May-2006, 7:15:00 PM)  

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