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    September 27, 2005

    Compromise, consensus or come-down?

    The meeting convened by the BCCI's review committee to go into the coach v captain issue has just ended. This is what the sequence of events has resulted in: (my comments in italics)
    1. Cricket needs to go forward.
    2. The coach and captain need to work it out mutually and maintain a professional relationship. (So what was the need for the committee to take this issue up if the captain and coach need to work it out mutually in a professional manner?)
    3. The captain, coach and players will be judged on their performance (Was the criteria different previously? Why?)
    4. No player (including the captain) or coach will interact with the media. Anyone flouting this will be taken to task (Total gag order. No post-match presentation ceremonies or press conferences? This is the 1975 Emergency re-enacted)
    5. Interests of Indian cricket need to be kept in mind (Why not keep in mind the best interests of Singapore cricket?)
    6. There has been some miscommunication regarding faking of injuries and whatever was stated was far from the truth (Ergo, Chappell lied when he said that Ganguly was faking an injury in the warm-up game. Isn't that a huge thing to reveal about the man you picked as a national coach? If Chappell has any self-respect, he will quit)
    7. The coach and captain have assured the board that they will work together in the interest of Indian cricket (Is it in their best interest to do so? What about personal agendas?)
    8. The difference in roles between the captain and the coach is demarcated. We can't throw light on that. (We do not currently have a torchlight available to shed light on that. Alwarpet Aandavas Cricket Club has approached the Madras High Court today with a stay-order to prevent us from shedding any light on any matter, including our elections.)
    9. They are confident that they will do it. Both coach and captain are happy with the arrangement and the committee is confident of them working together. (We are one big happy family. Can we please go for a group photograph? Ganguly interjects, no pool table photos this time!)
    And you guys waited for this? Did we expect anything different?

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 6:45 PM |
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    6 sledge(s):

    Good grief. I can't imagine there is anyone who considers this to be in the best interests of the BCCI cricket team.

    By Anonymous Geoff (27-Sep-2005, 9:35:00 PM)  

    I do not think that GC would have accepted this. It makes him look like a liar and a cheat. I think he has been promised something (most probably SG's head after 1 or 2 series)...

    By Anonymous Anonymous (27-Sep-2005, 11:24:00 PM)  

    I can tell u ... All this is total cover up

    I dont greg would have agreed to this...It is a prestige problem for him...What d u think..A man of greg's stature posts a complaint....and the BCCI ignores it.....

    Greg must have told like "Ganguly should step out in a few month's tim..."

    Because if the controversy had been continued....Then the image of indian cricket would have been spoilt...And Ganguly ending his cricket at this time would look very sad....SO is going to blow up soon....

    By Blogger Grey Vampire (28-Sep-2005, 7:16:00 AM)  

    And i want the code for the live scores...if u dont mind

    By Blogger Grey Vampire (28-Sep-2005, 7:25:00 AM)  

    It's exactly what was expected.
    There is no point mulling over this from days on end. We are just guessing.
    They know what is ACTUALLY happening in the dressing room. We don't. And they're not going to tell us. For all we know Chappell might be electrocuting any batsman getting out to a poor shot.
    Ganguly might be drugging the middle order batsmen so they bat poorly and he doesn't look that bad.
    Let's hope they play well and give us some joy. Hopefully Ganguly will fade out and resign soon. Whoever is playing politics in the dressing room, this is for sure: Ganguly's aim is to hold on to that captaincy and his place int he team. Chappell is being paid to improve Indian cricket

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak (28-Sep-2005, 8:36:00 AM)  

    Grey Vampire: You can get the html for the live scores box in the HTML source

    Geoff: You're right. This situation isn't in the best interests. All they've done is to postpone the decision making by a few days. My guess is that it is tied in with the fact that the BCCI elections aren't done yet. So any committee decision will be temporary since the next committee can overrule it. Having said that, it would have been quite difficult to ask either Greg or Sourav to go, given the effect it would have on the team. Since the truce was announced yesterday, there've been comparisons to the tennis doubles pair of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi who split up a few years ago and had seemingly irreconcilable differences. They had a real opportunity to be an all-time great doubles pairing, having won a couple of Grand Slam finals and reached all four finals in a year, I forget which one. They do not play as a pair on the circuit. But they pair up for India and have done exceedingly well. That is what a professional relationship is all about. Take your individual biases out of the picture and concentrate on what needs to be achieved.

    Dhruv: Like I mentioned in my previous post, I see an agenda on both sides. Ganguly wants to keep his place and be captain. Chappell has a commitment to excellence, but aside from improving Indian cricket, he could just want to bolster his resume. He didn't have a great resume. As has been pointed out in other sources, including my write-up on Cricinfo in 2000, his achievements with South Australia were hardly roof-top shoutworthy.

    Keep the comments flowing guys.

    By Blogger Jagadish (28-Sep-2005, 10:52:00 AM)  

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