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    November 09, 2006

    Rude Aussies?

    When push comes to shove

    Truth? Or a case of sour grapes?

    Australia won the event. India didn't make it past the first round.


    The Bladder brilliantly puts it in perspective - no one died. So we shouldn't be making such a huge fuss of it.

    Yes, it showed a distinct lack of grace, lack of appreciation of a host's culture and thoughtlessness towards shoving a 65-year old minister. But if Pawar doesn't want to make it an issue, why bother?

    What would my reaction have been had an Indian team won a tournament in Australia and gestured to/pushed some Australian minister/Cricket Australia chairman? I'd not have cared if Aussies had called my team a bunch of Philistines. I'd just point them to the trophy we won. End of story.

    Damien Martyn has now apologized. "I didn't mean to offend him and I apologise if I did so. There was nothing in it other than me trying to help him out as there was a crush of people."

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 10:02 AM |
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    10 sledge(s):

    i saw it and it definitely looked unpleasant, if not rude.

    i am a great fan of aussie cricket & martyn, but what he did was not at all nice to see, especially on the podium.

    yes, my first love team didn't make it past the first round. but still, they wudnt do such a thing to an aussie supremo, if at all they won a trophy in australia :)

    By Blogger Ganesh (07-Nov-2006, 12:55:00 PM)  

    The way it is right now Ganesh, I'm hoping we can schedule a Challenger series again so that an Indian team wins _something_ :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (07-Nov-2006, 7:15:00 PM)  

    martyn might have accidentally pushed pawar but pointing gesture was very rude.

    By Anonymous pamthree (08-Nov-2006, 10:52:00 AM)  

    jagz: even that was not won by anyone last time :(

    pamthree: as far as i can see, martyn wasnt doing it accidentally.

    By Blogger Ganesh (08-Nov-2006, 12:06:00 PM)  

    what does the incident have to do with australia winning the tournament?

    By Anonymous pamthree (09-Nov-2006, 10:25:00 AM)  

    I think there's a fair bit of 'sour grapes' involved here, Australia won the tournament and India didn't go past the first round.

    By Blogger Jagadish (09-Nov-2006, 11:12:00 AM)  

    I think they're making a mountain out of a molehill over this...the guy was in the way, it looked like he knew it, but was unsure the best way, to get out of the way. Martyn simply guided him away so the photos could be taken.

    This maybe cultural though - officials probably get far less respect in Aus than in India. I see Ponting is trying to apologize, to smooth things over, saying "it didn't look very good"...

    By Anonymous Anonymous (09-Nov-2006, 4:43:00 PM)  

    A molehill being made into a mountain, only! But funny thing is two days later, it appears that Pawar is looking for an apology now, while initial reports said that he had brushed it off as a heat of the moment thing that he did not consider important. And I have already seen two or three instances of the R word thrown about too!
    About the gesturing by Ponting, it looked to me from the video(s) that Ponting was "mock demanding" the trophy from Pawar. And to me, the Martyn "pushing" Pawar seemed to be the same reaction that a fast walker might do in a confined space with a very slow mover out at front, a defensive hand on the back of the person in front!

    By Blogger anantha (09-Nov-2006, 9:02:00 PM)  

    Despite the outrage of others, Pawar last night played down the issue.
    "It was a small thing, a stupid thing," he said. "I don't want to react."

    Pawar, as quoted by Fox Sports.

    And then, in his interview with Sydney Morning Herald on the same day, he says,

    ""This is not good at all, but I have decided to play it down because we have an extremely good relationship with the Australian board and we would like for that to keep going. Those players were not allowed to come onto the dais. It was only supposed to be the captain. Certainly I would accept an apology because then we could close this chapter. The Australian board is headed by a respected and civilised man and our relationship is extremely good. If they apologise, it would be a good signal to the people in this country."

    The emphasis is mine, for I am confused on why someone would require a apology if they considered an act small and insignificant.

    Me thinks, its all political, inspite of assertions to the contrary!

    By Blogger anantha (09-Nov-2006, 9:11:00 PM)  

    There's certainly a cultural angle to it. But I do find it interesting that the Aussie media [from whatever I've read online] isn't exactly sparing the cricketers. Read Iain Payten and Ray Chesterton.

    I suspect someone told Pawar that he was being an idiot. He had a great opportunity to force the ICC Player of the Year to apologize and by dismissing the incident as being silly, he was letting go that chance! Maybe the BCCI wants to convey to Cricket Australia that it doesn't appreciate being vetoed in the TV rights issue at the ICC Board meeting.

    By Blogger Jagadish (10-Nov-2006, 12:09:00 AM)  

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