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    March 31, 2006

    ICC announces calculator shortage

    The headline must be the only reason why the match referees in England's tour of India, Ranjan Madugalle (tests) and Roshan Mahanama (one-day internationals) haven't [so far] found it fit to do something about England's abysmal over rates. I've already written about England's tardy over rate in the tests. Today, it went to new heights depths. England took 236 minutes to bowl 49 overs in the second one-dayer at Faridabad. So they were effectively 40 minutes (10 overs) behind the mark.

    England's bowling lineup today had four seamers and one spinner. Obviously the four seamers take that much more time to get through their overs. But that isn't an excuse England can dole out. It is their problem - they can pick seven fast bowlers, but they still need to bowl the 50 overs on time.

    Isn't it lovely to watch two consecutive games where the scores have been in the 200-230 range? There was this one-day match a couple of weeks ago where one chap threatened to get 200 and both teams got more runs in one innings than India & England have got in their two digs so far!


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    5 sledge(s):

    I think perhaps the pitches have more to do with scores than anything else.

    The current England team would probably struggle to make 400+ but the current Indian batting line up would have had a fair go if they had the same conditions as there were at the Wanderers the other day.

    By Anonymous Joe (01-Apr-2006, 2:48:00 PM)  

    joe: Easy blaming the pitches. Pietersen and Strauss didn't really seem to have problems yesterday and you can add Flintoff to the list for the first game. I doubt if this Indian batting lineup would make 400. The top order barely makes 100.

    By Blogger Jagadish (01-Apr-2006, 4:30:00 PM)  

    I think the weather had to do with the slow overrate. I didn't watch the game, but heard that it was quite hot and that the two teams had been given an extra ten minutes or so each for their 50 overs.

    By Blogger Pratik (03-Apr-2006, 3:37:00 AM)  

    I watched the whole game, it was far too hot for the England bowlers as they were bowling at mid-day. I think this was why they weren't called on the slow over rate.

    Joe, I think India could get 400 at the wanderers as Sehwag is a flat-track bully and could score a 100. Dhoni would also have a good go having already made 183(?) already.

    By Blogger Libero (04-Apr-2006, 2:35:00 AM)  

    I've been away and that explains the delay in this reply. But pratik & libero, even if it was hot, it doesn't explain being _10_ overs (40 mins) behind schedule. Ten minutes is obviously acceptable. It does seem like the refs are turning a blind eye towards some obviously slow over rates ... or the ICC has changed the rules.

    By Blogger Jagadish (05-Apr-2006, 12:35:00 PM)  

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