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    February 09, 2006

    Moin Khan - the upholder of the spirit of the game

    Read Zainub's brilliant post, writing as the 'Spirit of the game'.

    I think she may be called up on to do one more post, after Moin Khan's rant echoing Inzamam's whinging at the Indians rightfully appealed against his act of obstructing the field. Of course, it is a moot point if you actually don't take Moin seriously, given he questioned Sachin Tendulkar's future and the way he played Shoaib Akhtar at Faisalabad. Oh, and a lecture on 'Spirit of the game' from someone who was severely reprimanded for being captain when Waqar Younis was hauled up for tampering with the ball against South Africa in a one-day series in Sri Lanka in 2000 and on another occasion, fined 75% of his match fee for showing serious dissent during the Multan test in 2004.

    One of the comments to my post on Inzy's whinging mentioned how Pakistan could actually talk about 'Spirit of the game' when one of their own, Shahid Afridi, not too long ago, was hauled up and banned for a few games after he accidentally dug up the pitch with his spikes at Faisalabad against England.

    I am now convinced that there will be repercussions, in the form of more aggression, sledging, ball throwing and perhaps even beamers, in the next four one-dayers, from the crowds, the media ... and most critically, from the Pakistani players.

    Update: Anantha brings up another instance of Moin Khan's allegiance to the spirit of the game.


    Thus spake Jagadish @ 8:40 AM |
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    10 sledge(s):

    Hey Moin .. you can't keep you'r mouth shut .. can u ? This guy does n't learn anything from his mistake, sorry blunder . He made unbeleivably obtuse comments on Sachin, after the Faisalabad test match. Sachin made him look stupid by a stupendous century. Now again, he makes disparaging comments on Rahul Dravid who everyone on world cricket reckons as the 'Gentlemen of the Sport'. If you wanna make a headline, try something new Moin, coz u already proved the world that you are stupid.

    By Blogger Sesh (09-Feb-2006, 11:30:00 AM)  

    sesh: His insinuation against Dravid certainly made me write the post!

    By Blogger Jagadish (09-Feb-2006, 7:51:00 PM)  

    brilliant century.. once again in a losing cause...
    big deal..
    you guys need to focus on winning games and not on piling up centuries.. tendu wasted quite a few balls to get his hundred.. maybe if he had focused just on keeping up the run rate.. india might have won.. but it seems like you guys just care about tendu making centuries..
    so here's hoping tendu makes another century in the next match.. odds are if he makes one.. pk will win again..

    By Anonymous Anonymous (09-Feb-2006, 9:15:00 PM)  

    Hey Anonymous,
    how abt a small stats for U. Out of 39 ODI hundreds, which Sachin has made, 28 of them resulted in Indian victory, which is closer to 72%. To put it right, when ever Sachin hits a century, India has 72% chance of winning the game. So, better think before writing something, which make no sense what so ever. And abt Sachin slowing down, Common, its totally unfair, the only complain should be on other palyers, who missed out to build a BIG score, after Sachin's century. They missed out to play the full quota of 50 overs, which costs us the game.

    By Blogger Sesh (09-Feb-2006, 9:50:00 PM)  

    anonymous: I hope you were following/watching the same game we were. Tendulkar went from 87(100) to 100(113), i.e. a run-a-ball. In that period, he played 3 dot balls. Doesn't seem all that slow to me. He has been guilty of this in the past, taking almost forever to get to 100 from 90. Not at Peshawar.

    By Blogger Jagadish (09-Feb-2006, 10:08:00 PM)  

    anon from the previous post.
    how many centuries does tend. have vs pak.. and how many of those were in games that india won?
    + 72%.. how about taking out the centuries he has scored against zimbabwe etc..
    how about winning centuries/losing centuries against:
    can you stat gurus come up with that?
    and he did play slowly for his century 100/113 is damn slow in a game where the score should have been 350 by the indians..
    it was so obvious he was ball wasting just to get his hundred
    if you can't see that then you must be blinded by your love for tend. the best guy was malik... he was still playing for the team at 90.. he didn't slow down.. just to get his hundred like butt did..

    By Anonymous Anonymous (10-Feb-2006, 12:21:00 AM)  

    just checked..
    tendu has scored 5 centuries in odis against pk..
    4 of those centuries have been in losing games..
    how about that..
    so lets have another losing century tendu..come on..
    that way pak fans will be happy and indian fans will be delirious that their tendu scored another century..
    works out for both countries..
    you guys love centuries don't you..
    in the karachi test i was shocked at how yuvraj celebrated his century.. he should have not even raised his bat let alone grinning ear to ear..
    the indian players need to get out of the century mindset and get focused on team goals.. and not how this century will reserve my spot in the team for the next 20 games..
    if you are scoring a century in your 2nd biggest test defeat.. just do a half bat raise..
    don't go celebrating it..

    By Anonymous Anonymous (10-Feb-2006, 1:32:00 AM)  

    Hey Anonymous,
    Sorry to say this. I thought I was talking to a person, who has some cricketing knowledge. I think, I have wasted too much of my time. First, abt Sachin's 100(113) balls, no cricket team, will start to play an innings with 350 runs on their mind. The final target depends upon how strong the platform has been set, so that the players down the order, can swing their bat at almost everything. A target of 350 does n't mean, that everyone should have a strike rate of 100. An unwritten cricket math is that, a team can double their score after 30 overs if they have wickets in hand. So, if the top order maintains an run-rate of 5 per over for 30 overs, and still keep the wickets intact, they go ahead and make a huge score. Thats what Sachin did, kept his wicket intact, so that the lower order can swing their bat at, & make up a good score. If you have time ano, go ahead and check Sachin's 4 losing centuries, check India's total score and his strike rate.

    Jagadish, I am sorry, if you feel i am literally fighting on u'r comments section. All I am trying to do, is put the facts straight. Anyways, I definitely expect a reply from Ano., but i am not gonna reply back. i have had enuf.

    By Blogger Sesh (10-Feb-2006, 1:54:00 AM)  

    sesh.. all i am trying to say is that.. from a non indian perspective it looks like tendu cares a whole lot more about getting his centuries than the team.. do you agree?
    he is not the only one.. i can't stand ppl who slow down around 85 to make their 100..
    i at the same rate you have through out your innings.. and if a 100 comes along then great..
    almost everybody becomes careful around 90-100
    but some ppl like tendu are super careful and waste time..

    By Anonymous Anonymous (10-Feb-2006, 2:12:00 AM)  

    Anon [and I'd really preferred if you weren't anonymous]

    I won't be going into the numbers. India's loss at Peshawar was primarily because of some hopeless batting in the last 7 overs or so and poor bowling at the start of the innings, unable to take wickets. I never said that India lost due to the D/L rules. All I wrote was that with cricket you never knew. 18 to win in 3 overs with 3 wickets in hand could easily become 10 to win in 1 over with 1 wicket in hand.

    India's problem lay primarily in the batting order, with Kaif coming in so late and not having the ability to slog. That is something I wrote about following India's loss to Pakistan in the one-dayers last year.

    Shoaib Malik played superbly. There is no doubt about it. Yet, the middle order nearly threw the game away. So perhaps you'll realize that individual contributions only go a little distance in a team game.

    A century is a matter to celebrate for batsmen. If you're trying to suggest that no batsman _ever_ has celebrated a century even though he knows his side has almost lost, then I suggest you go and watch a few videos of cricket games.

    I appreciate the fact that the discussion hasn't degenerated to a slanging match, and I'm hoping it won't.

    By Blogger Jagadish (10-Feb-2006, 1:15:00 PM)  

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