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    January 17, 2006

    Why did he do it?

    Just what prompted Naved-ul-Hasan Rana to celebrate the way he did after dismissing Sehwag for 254 in 247 balls?

    My only guess is that plan Z finally worked, after plans A to Y had been thrown out of the window.
    One! One! One!So what if the surface is as bare as the moon, I'm over it!

    Thus spake Jagadish @ 7:22 PM |
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    6 sledge(s):

    Looks like the entire exercise of coming out for 14 balls in fading light had only one goal.. the record if possible.. dravid and sehwag accepted that much in the post match talk.. not too hard to understand the mood in the Pak team.. flayed for better part of 2 days.. not one wicket in sight and having got ready to go out only to see if a record could be made.. especially against their own team.. surely u can understand the celebrations of Naved ul Hasan Rana.. especially with Viru chasing the same ball three times to finally glove it to Akmal with fierce determination.. 3 strikes.. U r out..!!!

    on a separate track : already I am seeing message boards.. tele-discussions and media circuses.. whether Dravid - Sehwag is the best opening combo ever and should we stick to it forever.. jeez.. media hype and obssession is going to be the bane of this country and its cricket team..

    By Blogger Beowulf (17-Jan-2006, 9:19:00 PM)  

    Naved's celebration was promoted by the same bug which made Saurav celebrate on taking that catch (although admittedly through a good effort) off ....hold your breath ....Naved the batsman....the bane of Indian bowlers....who had piled on 600 runs all alone by the time he lobbed that chance.

    But anyway that Naved catch had some the post match conference atleast Inzy could say '400 runs for 1 wkt' instead of '400 runs and counting' :-)

    By Blogger worma (17-Jan-2006, 10:52:00 PM)  

    One wicket after 3 days and 400 runs! Grant the kid some emotion display;-)

    By Blogger Minal (17-Jan-2006, 11:40:00 PM)  

    worma: Slight difference though, Rana was hardly short on confidence. Plus he knew he'd be contributing in _some_ manner or the other because he'd bowl a fair share of overs. Ganguly got his name somewhere on Pakistan's batting scorecard in that manner. Ganguly bowled what ... six?

    beowulf: Yes it was plainly obvious that is why they came out. Sehwag is a madcap. Ok, in this case it was a coincidence that just after he got out, the players went back inside. At Mohali last year, he was out stumped off Younis Khan (!) when it was plain and obvious that the last over of the game was on.

    minal: That is fine. But my question was if it was emotion of the 'Yaay! Plan Z worked!' kind :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (18-Jan-2006, 1:10:00 AM)  

    Great to see a sense of humour after what were probably two of the longest days of his career. I haven't seen any more than the photos you've posted here but I reckon it's great. He should completed the dance with some more pointing and a real send off. (all tongue in cheek of course)

    By Blogger Stu (18-Jan-2006, 4:01:00 AM)  

    stu: Yes, totally agree with you. He really ought to have rounded it off with a finger pointing send-off and a tongue lashing. But we're talking about Naved, not Nel :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (18-Jan-2006, 7:04:00 PM)  

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