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    May 09, 2005

    BCCI reveals coaches shortlist: Amarnath, Chappell, Moody & Patil

    The coach selection panel of the BCCI announced its shortlist yesterday. Mohinder Amarnath, Greg Chappell, Tom Moody and Sandeep Patil make up the fab four, one of who will get to have the privilege of being rubbished by a whole load of websites, television channels, chat shows, radio jockeys, dailies and weeklys.

    Enough has been written/said about Chappell & Moody.

    Sandeep Patil, aside from being a crucial member of India's World Cup winning side & smacking Bob Willis for 24 runs in an over, has coached India earlier, during the disastrous 1996 tour of England. Subsequently, I think he coached in a few ICC associate/affiliate countries before taking up the Kenya job. Instead of basking in Kenya's success at the 2003 World Cup, he chose to move on, getting back to coaching India 'A'. Unfortunately, it seemed like he lacked any clear guidelines from the BCCI regarding his career path, for he then decided to go and coach Oman.

    From a hierarchical perspective, he really should be the one to step in to the job, given that he was the coach of the A team. But the BCCI is evidently keenly looking for a foreign coach, so perhaps he'll have to go back to the A team again. Robin Singh coached the India Under 19 side ably, yet I think he's coaching the Brunei side.

    Mohinder Amarnath's inclusion seems to have made happy about a few former players happy. I'm sure he has mellowed a lot since he bellowed "The selectors are a bunch of jokers" after being dropped since he did not fit in with Raj Singh Dungarpur's "Team of the 90s".

    Strangely enough, Amarnath has apparently not even applied formally for the job. He has just expressed his interest through the media. Why'd a professional organization shortlist someone who hasn't actually applied?

    Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is moving quickly, all set to announce their coach by the weekend!. So it is quite likely that the BCCI could miss out on one of the two Aussies!


    Thus spake Jagadish @ 7:08 PM |
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    2 sledge(s):

    "Why'd a professional organization shortlist someone who hasn't actually applied" - What professional organisation ??? ;-)

    By the way, are you sure that the others have actually 'applied' for the job ? Or have they just spoken to 'someone' in BCCI (again, who in BCCI, is also an important question!) to show their interest ? Have they forwarded their resume, or atleast a written show of interest in the job ? I am not sure if other three have done this much. So why crib about Amarnath's incusion. But yes, I agree with your point that Robin Singh would have been a better choice. What goes against Singh on most of these occasions is his low profile (like Wright, and which is a good thing in my opinion!).

    By Blogger worma (09-May-2005, 8:09:00 PM)  

    My personal belief is that the selectors ('the panel') have put in the two Indian names just to appease the public. I have a feeling they have decided who to hire, but they are going through the motions to make it seem like it was a proper selection process.

    Greg, welcome to India.

    By Blogger RPM (10-May-2005, 11:20:00 PM)  

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