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    May 06, 2005

    BCCI finally gets its act together, for now

    Evidently stung by a lot of criticism for the way it has handled the process of selecting the next coach for the Indian cricket team, the BCCI has finally come up with the committee to do the selection. The members are Jagmohan Dalmiya, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and S Venkatraghavan. BCCI secretary SK Nair is the convenor.

    So who on earth is the other member? Is it the BCCI president himself? Reminds me of the Onnu indha irukku, innonnu yenga. Innoru dhaan anne idhu joke from Karakaattakaran.


    Thus spake Jagadish @ 5:22 PM |
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    6 sledge(s):

    The chairman of the panel is BCCI president Ranbir Singh Mahindra. So he is the fifth member.

    And its difficult to say that BCCI has set up this committee due to criticism. They have always been saying (before the criticism started) that they are going to form a commitee, and there is no evidence that they speeded it up due to media pressures.

    And in my opinion, so far BCCI has NOT goofed up on the whole coach thing. There are lots of names, and opinions floating around. Most of them rumours. And most of the criticism of BCCI in this matter has been unfounded. So far, from what I gathered, they took inputs from Wright, captain. Took in applications, formed the commitee. And it still seems to be on track in terms of time.

    To me, most of the criticism seems to have come from the fact that BCCI is NOT heeding to media advice in this matter, which is probably not the worst thing to do in such circumstances. Given that most of the media has more vested interests than BCCI !

    And most of the criticism, especially that on rediff (which is still one of the more reliable source of Indian cricket news) has been generated by an apparent lack of sufficient official communication from BCCI. BCCI being what we know they are, how much can we expect from them ! Transparency is not their cup of tea :-) I would anyway be happy if they get a good coach. Someone whom the players are comfortable with, and who is not an Indian, whatever be his name. Because, after all, how many of us would have agreed with the choice of Wright, going just by the name !

    By Blogger worma (06-May-2005, 7:12:00 PM)  

    I don't understand why we need a committee to pick the coach. And assuming we do need one to be organized and deliberate, why does it have to include Dalmiya(?!), and Shastri?
    I would have thought that the captain, the vice-captain, the head of the selection committee, and one representative from the BCCI should be the stake-holders in the appointment.

    By Blogger avinash (06-May-2005, 10:26:00 PM)  

    Avinash, a commitee is needed to take decision which cannot and should not be taken by an individual. Especially in an open press atmosphere as in India. So instead of commitee, who would be the one person to decide ? And I'm sure all of us can already find faults with that one person :-)

    So who should be in the commitee...umm ideally this process should also be well defined. Some state representatives, who head similar process in their region, then elect a representative etc. But since that does not happen here (I think something similar exists in Aus), so this way out. Captain should definitely be 'consulted' (remember how important captain and vice captain were in Wright's selection despite not being part of any committee !). So how much would they be, I dont know, but as I said, for me anyone whom they are comfortable with should be chosen.

    I hope the committee members like Shastri, Dalmiya and Gavaskar would be sensible enough to take them into confidence. But surely this is better than Mahendra, Dalmiya etc deciding by 'asking' captain. Atleast Gavaskar, Shastri would bring in more sensible votes in the committee ! They are people who have knowledge of cricket systems in the world, decent sense of judgment (I know we all can criticise shastri, and anyone else also in that position) and fairly independent points of view. In this situation they wont have any personal agenda (since there is no Indian contender for the position...hopefully!)

    By Blogger worma (06-May-2005, 11:41:00 PM)  

    That's my worry. What possible reason do we have for including Dalmiya in a committee? And why ask a commentator to have a say in picking the national team's coach?
    That's a bit like asking a newspaper editor to help choose the next head of a political party. However informed and well-respected the editor's views are (and there will be many such editors), selection/selectorial influence is not his job.
    If a committee must exist, my point is that it ought to just have a rep from the team management, someone from the BCCI and someone from the selection committee. These are the folks who will interact with the coach the most, not Gavaskar, not Shastri and certainly not Dalmiya!

    By Blogger avinash (07-May-2005, 8:25:00 PM)  

    But Avinash, why have so much faith in the selection committee ? Most of the time they are equally poor in judgment as the BCCI. And by the way, that committee is also kind of nominated people. Even Gavaskar, Shastri can be in that committee. In fact people like Chandu Borde and Syed Kirmani are much further removed from the realities of modern cricket (and cricket coaching) than Gavaskar, Shastri.

    And by the way, these people are not commentators ! I mean not just commentators, and you know that. Choosing cricket administrators from intelligent, well meaning past cricketers is the most workable system in all countries. There is a certain amount of chance involved, but thats how it is !

    By the way, Dean Jones is also a commentator :-)

    By Blogger worma (07-May-2005, 9:52:00 PM)  

    No no, I have nothing against commentators. And it is not even a case of having faith in what our selection panel does. Like I remarked earlier, I feel that the captain/team management, someone from the BCCI and someone from the selection panel are the folks that are going to deal most often with the coach. They would know best what sort of coach the team needs. So they should be the ones that are part of whatever committee is chosen to pick the coach.
    That's the crux of my problem. I just don't understand why they have chosen Shastri (and Gavaskar and Dalmiya, for that matter)to be members of this committee. What were they looking for when they formed this panel?

    By Blogger avinash (08-May-2005, 11:37:00 AM)  

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