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    March 30, 2010

    IPL 2010 semi-final prediction

    We're pretty much at the half-way stage of the league round of the 2010 IPL. At this point in time, Mumbai, with 6 wins from 7 games is the runaway leader, and has definitely sewn up a semi-final slot.

    The remaining 3 are the tough ones to predict. In 2008, 7 wins was enough for Delhi to sneak into the semis ahead of Mumbai. In 2009, Hyderabad sneaked in ahead of Mohali though both had 7 wins.

    So it is fair to say that 7 wins out of the 14 games (i.e. winning 50% of the games) should be sufficient. Bangalore, Jaipur and Delhi have 4 wins. Hyderabad and Kolkata have 3 wins. Chennai has 2 and Mohali has 1.

    That said, momentum is a huge factor, and teams can get going with just 2-3 wins in a row.

    The arrival of players from Australia, England and New Zealand will be a significant factor. Which teams are likely to benefit?

    Bangalore: Pietersen, Steven Smith and Ross Taylor are the new arrivals. Bangalore's batting has been awesome, especially their top 3-4. But Kohli, Dravid, White & Morgan have been untested and with Pietersen & Taylor joining, this would mean Morgan and possibly White being left out.

    Chennai: Hussey and Ntini are the new arrivals, with Ntini returning from injury. They should really have found some hospital as a sponsor given how much they've invested in Flintoff, Oram and Ntini. The bowling leaks far too many runs, and Ntini won't actually change the status quo.

    Delhi: Daniel Vettori. This could mean Mishra and Vettori bowling in tandem. So unless Maharoof has a couple of excellent games, he'll be sitting out.

    Hyderabad: No new arrivals.

    Jaipur: No new arrivals.

    Kolkata: McCullum. Their batting has really been pathetic, clicking twice and their highest total is only 180-odd. So his entry will hopefully result in some better performances in the first 5-10 overs.

    Mohali: No new arrivals - Hopes is injured.

    Mumbai: No new arrivals.

    Given the influx, it is quite possible that Bangalore and Kolkata will make it to the semi-finals along with Mumbai provided Kolkata's bowlers learn something from Wasim. Between Delhi and Hyderabad, I'd go for Delhi because their bowling is better than Hyderabad's.

    So the semi-final lineup will be Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata (in order of points from the league stage).

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 11:30 PM |
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    4 sledge(s):

    Just a couple of small corrections. White hasn't played in any match yet for Bangalore, while Ntini has been here since CSK's 2nd game. Also, FYI, Doug Bollinger will be joining CSK along with Mike Hussey! :)

    By Blogger Thiru Cumaran (31-Mar-2010, 8:56:00 AM)  

    What about Ponting who has signed for the KKR?

    By Anonymous Sreehari (03-Apr-2010, 2:46:00 PM)  

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