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    September 06, 2007

    What goes around, comes around

    During England's innings in the thrilling game yesterday, Paul Collingwood was ruled run-out by the third umpire after the on-field umpire asked for a replay based on what he saw on the big screen at the ground.
    7.3 Ganguly to Pietersen, OUT, punched out to cover, and they go for a single - this could be a disaster. In comes the throw, Dhoni whips off the bails but the umpires haven't called for a replay. But hold on - drama here - Collingwood, according to the big screen replay, is short of his ground! And after a bit of a delay, and a referral to the TV umpire, Collingwood's given his marching orders by the umpire.
    Paul Collingwood was rather livid (Photo) and the Cricinfo commentary said
    Collingwood was absolutely spitting nails when he was finally dismissed. And he's pictured in the dressing room debating it with Moores and co.
    Fair enough, Paul. You're justified in feeling mad that the on-field umpire used the the screen replay to refer the decision to the third umpire. Let's rewind to the first innings of the Lord's test. Pietersen got a thick outside edge and the ball fell short of Dhoni. Simon Taufel ruled that Pietersen was out, while Pietersen started to walk. The England players meanwhile saw the replay on TV and started waving asking him to go back. The third umpire was then called upon to adjudicate, and he ruled 'Not out'.
    83.5 Khan to Pietersen, no run, madness! Pietersen was beaten twice in the over, then gets one fuller outside off stump, drives hard, gets a thick edge, which replays clearly indicated hit the turf before Dhoni snapped it up! They all appealed, Simon Taufel raised the finger, Pietersen had already started to walk...then with the tv showing what happened - the ball did hit the grass just before going into Dhoni's gloves - Pietersen is called back from near the ropes. The third umpire is referred to and NOT OUT is the verdict. Pietersen was almost home when he looked up at the balcony and saw his mates waving him back. People will have their views on this, I'm all too sure...

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 9:19 PM |
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    85.1 Khan to Pietersen, OUT, now thats edged and gone, sir! Zaheer pitches just back of length, gets just a hint of swing and Pietersen, again his feet not moving, plays away from the body and this time Dhoni takes a comfortable catch
    KP Pietersen c wicketkeeperDhoni b Khan 37 (94m 62b 5x4 0x6) SR: 59.67

    I would like to add that as well.

    By Blogger Ganesh (10-Sep-2007, 5:34:00 PM)  

    Maybe we forget about umpires altogether, we just people to press green or red on their remotes. Make it easier wouldnt it.

    By Blogger Uncle J rod (13-Sep-2007, 6:13:00 PM)  

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