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    March 25, 2007

    Incompetence in full view

    There were two main actors in yesterday's Australia v South Africa game.

    The first was umpire Mark Benson. Shane Watson bowled a very full length ball outside off and Gilchrist didn't collect it cleanly. I'm not sure if Graeme Smith had edged it. The ball went past Gilchrist's legs and hit the cap (Gilchrist was standing up, wearing a helmet and had kept his cap near where he'd normally stand to a fast-medium bowler). Umpire Benson promptly signalled 'dead ball'. I was shocked. What sort of an umpire was he? Didn't he know the rules? Then it seemed like Graeme Smith questioned his decision (will he be pulled up?) and Benson then checked with Steve Bucknor at square-leg who told him it was five runs and also showed him how to signal five runs added to the batting team (tapping his left shoulder with his right hand). If he'd tapped his right shoulder with his left hand, as Darrell Hair did last August, Australia would have been incensed! I find it astounding that an international umpire, standing in a World Cup, didn't know the penalty runs rule for the ball hitting equipment on the field and the way the penalty had to be signalled.

    The second display of incompetence was by Jacques Kallis. Just as he did against Australia in 2006 and against India in 2005, his inability to bat according to the situation (nearly 8 runs an over needed) convinces me that he's probably the most selfish batsman in world cricket at present. Either that, or he has no knowledge about the way the game is progressing. He scored 48 from 63 balls, with five boundaries. When he came in to bat, South Africa's run rate was 7.6. When he got out, it was 6.5 and he was primarily responsible. A lot of questions will have to be asked.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 10:09 AM |
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    3 sledge(s):

    Dude that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Are you really that idiotic, it was so obvious what happened? Mark Benson could see because his view was restricted by the Batsman and the Keeper, they aren't made of glass and he can't see through them. You are nuts to say that about the #1 rated umpire in the game. At the end of 2006 Mark Benson had a correct decision percentage of 98.6% which was first in front of 2nd, Steve Bucknor and 3rd, Simon Taufel. Learn and think before you talk rubbish!

    By Blogger saintlaurence (09-Apr-2007, 1:15:00 AM)  

    saintlaurence - My point was _never_ about whether Benson, as the #1 umpire in the world, wasn't allowed to make wrong decisions. It was about knowledge of the rules. As an international umpire, I expect him to know that when the ball hits a cap/helmet etc., its five runs added to the batting team. How do you explain Benson signalling dead ball if he hadn't even seen what happened?

    By Blogger Jagadish (09-Apr-2007, 11:19:00 AM)  

    Because when an umpire doesn’t know what external factor has caused a disturbance to play the first thing is to call dead ball to signal the end of the play. The next is to confirm, if unsure, with your fellow umpire what had happened and then act accordingly. If he didn't know the rule how did he know what signal to call. He had to call dead ball because he would have been unable to see the cap on the field as his view was obscured by the keeper, so he had to confirm will his fellow umpire.

    By Blogger saintlaurence (17-Apr-2007, 4:33:00 PM)  

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