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    March 23, 2007

    Bob Woolmer was murdered

    After much speculation through out the week, the police have now confirmed that our former coach Bob Woolmer was strangled to death and hence murdered. The full press release form the corps can be read here, but one doesn't really need to read any special statements to know just how devastating this bit of news is.

    You could take your pick from the conspiracy theories galore about the killer (or killers') possible motivation for killing Bob. The most popular one is that it may have been a maniac 'fan' who vented out his anger for the loss against Ireland, but people (including the media) have also been saying an involvement of bookies cannot be ruled out, given his forthcoming book was expected to reveal a lot of information on match fixing.

    Others have done their calculations and suggested that President Musharraf him self may be involved (to divert attention from a growing political and judicial turmoil at home in Pakistan they allege), further more suggestion point fingers at no less then the Taliban or Jaamat-e-Islami it self.

    Some of my friends were of the opinion it could well be just some ordinary drunk, mob or burglar who tried to rob Woolmer, but when he probably found nothing in his possession worth stealing, he got outraged and killed him.

    But that's unlikely, given newspaper reports have confirmed the police did not find any evidence of the door lock at Bob's hotel was tampered with, giving rise to the conclusion that he probably knew the killer, and so let him in without any confrontation.

    Another theory, hence, could also be that it may be some one who had nothing to do with cricket at all, some one who perhaps had a personal grievance against him. I don't know if I subscribe to any of these theories really, I'm just shocked and struggling to come to terms with how some one may be driven to take some one else's life in such a sickening, horrible manner. It just shocks me, more then anything.

    Our players were questioned as a standard part of the investigation yesterday, and their fingers prints were taken as well, and there were reports that some players weren't happy about this, because it made them feel like they were being treated as suspects. I can understand where the players are coming from, a lot of them have come out spoken and about how Bob was like a father to them, and most of them will have been personally affected by his death.

    In such circumstances it may be uncomfortable for them to be part of the investigation into Bob's murder, but this is standard procedure, and more then that, any information from any one which might lead to finding the killer must be explored. Whoever it was, whatever his, her or their motive was, I just hope he is brought to task.

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