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    December 01, 2006

    Ashes stat of the day

    In the first innings at Adelaide, Alastair Cook's Test average dropped below 50 for the first time.

    This deprived him of the opportunity to become only the third batsman, after Sutcliffe and Miandad, to go an entire career without his Test average dropping below 50. Given England's propensity for debut fifties, there might be an opportunity for some player in the future.

    Table of lowest averages:

    PlayerLowest averagein inningsFinal averageDifference
    H Sutcliffe60.738460.730.00
    Javed Miandad51.747652.570.83
    FMM Worrell49.488749.480.00
    SM Gavaskar47.705951.123.42
    KD Walters47.036548.261.23
    AC Gilchrist43.50248.334.83
    DCS Compton42.942250.067.12
    V Sehwag39.912352.1212.21
    KP Pietersen39.37948.719.34
    A Flower38.124451.5413.42
    JB Hobbs36.161456.9420.78
    WR Hammond36.00358.4522.45
    R Dravid34.611458.7524.14
    RT Ponting33.001059.5226.52
    WH Ponsford32.561748.2215.66
    Hon.FS Jackson31.701048.7917.09
    DPMD Jayawardene29.66349.6019.94
    GS Chappell29.60653.8624.26
    ED Weekes29.00458.6129.61
    GS Sobers28.66857.7829.12
    B Mitchell28.551048.8820.33
    BC Lara22.00353.1431.14
    GA Headley21.00160.8339.83
    KC Sangakkara16.60548.9332.33
    VG Kambli16.00154.2038.20
    SR Tendulkar15.00155.3940.39
    AR Border14.50250.5636.06
    RG Pollock14.33360.9746.64
    CA Davis14.00254.2040.20
    RN Harvey13.00148.4135.41
    Younis Khan12.00148.8636.86
    DG Bradman9.50299.9490.44
    CL Walcott8.00156.6848.68
    SR Waugh6.50451.0644.56
    ML Hayden6.25452.7446.49
    J Ryder5.00151.6246.62
    KC Bland5.00149.0844.08
    SJ McCabe4.00148.2144.21
    IVA Richards3.50250.2346.73
    AD Nourse3.00353.8150.81
    GC Smith3.00149.2546.25
    Mohammad Yousuf3.00255.6352.63
    E Paynter3.00159.2356.23
    MEK Hussey1.00176.5675.56
    JH Kallis1.00155.7854.78
    CP Mead0.00149.3749.37
    KF Barrington0.00158.6758.67
    L Hutton0.00156.6756.67
    GE Tyldesley0.00155.0055.00

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    2 sledge(s):

    That looked a lot smaller before I posted it. Let me know if you want it trimming.

    By Blogger Geoff (01-Dec-2006, 6:22:00 PM)  

    No. Awesome numbers. Very interesting!

    By Blogger Jagadish (01-Dec-2006, 6:34:00 PM)  

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