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    November 14, 2006

    Another selection conundrum resolved

    Q: Who will miss out on the first Test from Bell, Cook, and Collingwood?

    A: Trescothick.

    With Anderson and Jones set to play, the only question now is Monty or Giles? And that shouldn't even be a question. So the team is looking likely to be:
    1. Strauss
    2. Cook
    3. Bell
    4. Pietersen
    5. Collingwood
    6. Flintoff
    7. Jones
    8. Harmison
    9. Anderson
    10. Panesar
    11. Hoggard
    The tail could essentially be in any order, but I'd like to see Harmison concentrate more on his batting. He plays the sweep better than most of the batsmen, for a start.


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    4 sledge(s):

    Given Trescothick has done this before. He was not ready for the ICC Champions Trophy, but made himself available for a tour which started a week or so after the ICCCT. I don't even know if he was fit to tour. England seem to have made a huge mistake by picking him in the first place.

    By Blogger Jagadish (14-Nov-2006, 6:18:00 PM)  

    Has Duncan decided on Panesar?

    I thought he waiting for the poll results from c24x7 ;)

    By Blogger Ganesh (14-Nov-2006, 7:13:00 PM)  

    fletcher should take Panesar if he's smart. THough I think they might just rely on Giles....

    Though all this nonsense about Panesar not knowing how to bat is a bit overexagerated.

    I saw him bat against us and against SL and he was decent. Not the best tail ender, but i think he can hold his own.

    England seem to be moving in the direction of the mistake that Pakistan has been making for a while now. By playing too many all-rounders in test matches. They already have flintoff, who can provide a decent batting cover. Why play Giles? Give faith to their batsmen. Bell, Strauss and Cook are more than capable of big 100's.

    By Anonymous Anonymous (15-Nov-2006, 11:18:00 PM)  

    ganesh: Heh. I hope so. Panesar leads, 12 out of 17 votes for him being _the_lone_spinner_.

    omar: Trescothick's exit will, like I wrote, give Fletcher (from all accounts, I believe Flintoff is inclined towards Panesar) the opportunity to "strengthen" the batting, fielding and the "wise" head count. Panesar averages 10.2 after 13 innings. Giles averaged 10.55 after his first 13 knocks. Panesar is "work in progress", Giles is no patch on him, as a bowler. England should trust their batsmen. Besides Fletcher has had his way with including Jones ahead of Read. So I don't think they need to "compromise" any further! Mind you, Panesar's pretty historic. His bowling is one of the few reasons I watch England! Other reasons: Watching Flintoff bat (and getting a thrill), watching Pietersen bat (thrilling sometimes, but most of the time I'm hoping he'll get out - something about him irritates me, maybe its the South African connection he has!)

    By Blogger Jagadish (16-Nov-2006, 12:15:00 AM)  

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