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    October 26, 2006

    Quite beyond me

    I'm quite certain that RP Singh (bowling avg. 40, econ. rate 5.7, strike rate 43 in his last 10 one-dayers) and Suresh Raina (batting avg. 18, highest of 34, 141 runs at a strike rate of 68 from his last 10 one-dayers) are in the team for reasons other than what we're led to believe, i.e. as a bowler and as a batsman respectively.

    Raina made 19 today against West Indies in the ICC Champions Trophy while RP Singh has so far bowled 4 overs for 29 runs without looking anywhere like picking up a wicket. I could still hope to be proved wrong though!

    I'd pick Powar and Kaif ahead of those two just about anyday, especially Powar since he didn't exactly disgrace himself in West Indies and West Indies have three left-handed top order batsmen. We've been critical of Kaif earlier, but I can't find a good reason why Raina should play ahead of Kaif!

    At the risk of becoming hoarse, let me point out that the batting line up did it again, 3 wickets down by around the 15th over with only 69 on the board!

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 8:22 PM |
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    3 sledge(s):

    What are your thoughts on the coach? I read the article about Fletcher on cricinfo and the one by Dileep as well about Chappell. I can locate them if you haven't ready read them.

    I didn't see India bat. I saw WI. But I heard Sehwag threw his wicket away. Apparently he got out in a way that he always does....

    Disappointing game for you I'm sure. GOod luck with Aus.

    We have a tough game against SA tomorrow. I don't think we'll make it, not with the current lineup anyway...

    By Anonymous Anonymous (27-Oct-2006, 7:00:00 AM)  

    I don't think it is a coach problem. It's a coach _and_ captain problem. Persisting with Pathan at #3 when he should be used at that position sparingly is obviously a decision the team mgmt takes. Yes, Chappell needs to work on the technique/mental aspect of chaps like Sehwag, Pathan & Raina. Picking 5 batsmen when the wickets clearly favour bowlers is obviously a decision which the team heads take. Ditto persisting with Raina & RP Singh.

    Sehwag didn't throw his wicket away. WI's bowlers earned it. They bowled either fast and hostile short balls at the body or just outside offstump and dried up the runs. It wasn't as though Sehwag blasted 3 fours in a row and then drilled the next slower ball straight to cover.

    As for Pakistan, the score reads 47/8. This, after South Africa were 42/5 at one stage! Spooky!

    By Blogger Jagadish (27-Oct-2006, 8:01:00 PM)  

    yaar - this is depressing......

    By Anonymous Anonymous (27-Oct-2006, 8:40:00 PM)  

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