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    January 22, 2006

    Out of control

    As Pakistan piled on the runs at Faisalabad, it may not be a bad idea for India's bowlers, the captain, coach and the rest of the support staff to introspect on how ridiculously poor the bowling was.

    Pakistan have scored 340 out of their 553 runs (currently) in fours and sixes now, in 129 overs. Those boundaries make up 61% of Pakistan's total so far. Seventy fours and ten sixes. That looks positively bad, doesn't it? Remember though that this total includes the maniac's 20 fours and 6 sixes and we're left with 224 out of 397 in boundaries, in 108 overs. So let us discount the runs he made, because whatever the bowlers and fielders did, it would have had little bearing on his intentions. But was it so difficult to string together 5-6 overs at a time repeatedly to restore control when at most a couple of runs were scored every over?

    Rudra Pratap Singh is thus far the only bowler to have not scored a century. He isn't too far away from the target though. The hiding Pathan has got will (hopefully) make him a better bowler in conditions where there is barely any assistance from the pitch or in the air and (hopefully not) scar him. If you bowl 125 kmph on these wickets without sticking to a decent line and length consistently, you could end up conceding a double century as well.

    Why haven't the likes of Sehwag, Yuvraj and Tendulkar bowled? Having five bowlers doesn't mean you don't use anyone else!
    Thus spake Jagadish @ 1:51 PM |
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    5 sledge(s):

    well......everybodys pointin der fingers at da poor bowlers......sumbody giv dem some credit for not losin hope after da lahore test n still comin out to faislabad n givin der best

    By Blogger ramya (22-Jan-2006, 7:06:00 PM)  

    jagadish... agreed on the bad bowling bit.. but if you notice.. Indians also tend to score a high percentage of their runs in boundaries.. Sehwag had an abnormal 47 fours (i think) in his previous essay.. i think its just the way sub-continent players play.. more strokes than proper hustling for singles/twos.. the only reason I think Sehwag/Yuvi/Tendlya have not been bowled is that.. 5 bowlers have been taken at the cost of Dada.. somebody (read media) will ask.. why make part-timers bowl when u specifically took 5 main bowlers.. why drop Dada then.. its a case of 'damned if u do.. damned if u dont' he could have probably given them a few overs in between.. but i guess dravid is just winging it for now.. new skipper.. first 2 matches in pak have not been too great for bowling attacks.. give him time.. don't think it would have made a great diff to Pak who's bowling.. Rp Singh & ZK bowled brilliantly... Pathan needs to look at himself deeply.. in helpful conditions he's dangerous.. but otherwise he's pedestrian.. is he still carrying a niggle.. what's up there..??

    By Blogger Beowulf (22-Jan-2006, 8:16:00 PM)  

    ramya: All I was looking for was an attempt to maintain control. I know controlling someone like Afridi is impossible, but I didn't find the bowlers put together strings of 1-2 run overs either at Lahore or at Faisalabad

    beowulf: All I can hope for is that Dravid doesn't use the media to figure out how to captain the side. If he did, then he wouldn't have opened.

    By Blogger Jagadish (24-Jan-2006, 12:22:00 PM)  

    jagadish: yea.. small mercies indeed.. from all the reports coming in.. looks like dravid is quite his own man.. prepared to make a few mistakes while experimenting.. and learn that way rather than sway 1 way or the other based on external inputs.. chappell's and team manager's statements say that they were in fact against dravid opening in 1st match.. but dravid insisted apparently.. good for him.. and the 5 bowlers was also his suggestion.. thank god for the flat pitches.. gives dravid leeway and comfort while experimenting to understand the team's limits and capabilities..without fear of losing matches ...

    By Blogger Beowulf (24-Jan-2006, 9:15:00 PM)  

    why isn't the coach sending out a message to dravid to _stop_ overusing the main bowlers in this farcical final day?

    By Blogger Jagadish (25-Jan-2006, 4:43:00 PM)  

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