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    January 10, 2006

    Hayden's pathetic excuse

    In his column for 'The Telegraph', Hayden explains away Australia's Ashes defeat thus:
    However, in order to paint a clearer picture of the scenario, it is worthwhile looking further back.

    For so long winning a Test series in India had been our focus. Australia had been there and failed so often over the years, and while we were winning Ashes series on a consistent basis, the mountain was there for us to climb in the sub-continent.

    Overcoming that hurdle in 2004 was enormously satisfying, and much as happened to England after they reclaimed the Ashes, the series took a heavy toll on us all, physically and emotionally.

    So after defeating New Zealand and Pakistan following that enormous campaign, we probably thought it was all just going to go our way again having started the Ashes series in such convincing fashion at Lord's. But as history now shows that certainly wasn't the case, and as the Ashes series unfolded I realised, probably two Tests too late, that I had gradually lost touch with the style of game that had been so successful for me in years gone by.
    Effectively he is blaming Australia's successful tour of India in 2004 for their Ashes defeat. That tour ended in November 2004, a full seven months before the Lord's test. Now that is one helluva long hangover.
    Thus spake Jagadish @ 5:27 PM |
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    10 sledge(s):

    And also has the face to say that *this*, his new grinding-out play, was his *original* style which he had forgotten. And I thought all his *good* period was with his *unn-natural* style then?...when Waugh compared him to Bradman, I don't think he was 'cautiously playing out the pace spell to attack the spinners'?

    What bunkum really....he's joined his opening partner in coming out with entertaining pieces of Aussie-whining...that new phenomenon in Aus cricket.

    By Blogger worma (10-Jan-2006, 6:27:00 PM)  

    worma: Yeah, I wonder why I read that column in the first place. It is full of drivel. Laying the blame for a failure on a past success is really a hopeless explanation.

    By Blogger Jagadish (11-Jan-2006, 12:12:00 AM)  

    I wonder if he'd be so charitable to England after their results against Australia and Pakistan?

    Let's see, if South Africa now beat Australia in the return tour, that is because of the elation of winning the Super Series. And Bangladesh's poor performance in Sri Lanka was the result of their beating Zimbabwe.

    By Anonymous Geoff (11-Jan-2006, 8:11:00 PM)  

    Geoff: Of course not. There're different rules, aren't they? He is a bit of a loudmouth, isn't he? Just rewind to December 2004, shortly after Australia won in India. Hayden claimed that India's bowlers were more intent on cutting off his runscoring rather than dismiss him. Harbhajan promptly rubbished that bit of nonsense. Makes you wonder about how good India's bowlers could have been, doesn't it? Hayden averaged 30 for the series without India's bowlers trying to dismiss him. Perhaps he'd have averaged 3 if they'd tried to get him out! Mind you, when it comes to long hangovers, I doubt if anyone could match the Indian public's fixation with the 1983 World Cup. Thankfully the side did fairly well in 2003, otherwise we'd have been celebrating a silver jubilee :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (12-Jan-2006, 12:36:00 AM)  

    Remarkably, I find this hillarious, this certainly qualifies as the best post-Ashes whinge by any Aussie, by a long shot to.

    Other nominations would probably also feature Hayden (didn't he say some where losing the Ashes was a good thing for Australia or something like that anyway...)

    By Blogger Zainub (12-Jan-2006, 4:01:00 AM)  

    zainub: I wonder if he'd have said this if he'd been dropped during/after the Ashes and not recovered to make so many centuries in a row and get back into some sort of "form". Kambakht confidence ...

    By Blogger Jagadish (12-Jan-2006, 1:31:00 PM)  

    In the immortal words of then Aussie captain - Alan Border - "Winners are grinners, losers can please themselves."

    Truth is, Australia have lost just one test series in recent times and since England, only "not won" one Test out of 4!

    Yet still you say, ageing this, whinging that...

    I don't see this as an excuse, it's an admission that they weren't completely on the job, in England. Surely that is obvious.

    By Anonymous OX (13-Jan-2006, 3:42:00 AM)  

    D'Oh - that should be, "not won" 1 test out of 7! 6 wins out of 7 tests and a draw! Awesome!

    By Anonymous OX (13-Jan-2006, 5:37:00 AM)  

    Ox: Of course it is an excuse, and a rather late one. Why didn't he say this after the Ashes? Why did he wait until Australia got back on track?

    By Blogger Jagadish (13-Jan-2006, 3:10:00 PM)  

    It's not an excuse - it's a reason. An excuse is when you say, "we are really better, they weren't really that good, it was just that..."

    Hayden here gives an explanation as to why he played badly. The rest of these words are a bunch of supporters who have a grudge against the strongest cricket playing nation in the world and are trying to find something bad to say about them.

    You'll find a lot was said during and immediately after the Ashes - most of it fairly sporting and positive about the English - most of which gets ignored.

    By Anonymous OX (15-Jan-2006, 5:35:00 PM)  

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