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    October 12, 2005

    Yuvraj & Rao feast on B attack

    The senior side hasn't been knocked out of this year's Challenger Series yet although when they were tottering at 33/3, they certainly seemed on the way out. In fact it might well have been 33/4 rather than 34/3 when Sree Santh, who had already dismissed Tendulkar and Kaif for their second failures of the series, had Venugopal Rao bowled off the first ball he faced. Unluckily for the bowler and India-B, it was a no-ball.

    From that very ball, it was all downhill for India B with Yuvraj and Venugopal Rao putting on the best fourth-wicket stand in the history of the Challenger Trophy, an unbroken 209 to drive their team to an emphatic 7 wicket victory with a more than four overs to spare. Yuvraj's 99 was a swashbuckling effort in contrast to Rao's 101 which could be termed graceful. The underdogs weren't helped by the umpire failing to hear a snick off Yuvraj's bat and Yousuf Pathan failed to hold on to a return chance from Rao.

    Earlier in the day, after being put into bat, India B folded up for 240, which was certainly never really going to be enough. Most batsmen got starts, but none of them went on to a big score. Parthiv Patel, who must surely be the only 20 year old outside of Pakistan's team to have been in the national side less a year ago and now be third (?) choice keeper, lent some respectability to the total with his quickfire 53 made in just 44 deliveries. After he left, the lower order could not accelerate in the final overs. India B will really have to pull off a miracle today against India A to enter the final.

    The Indian coach, Greg Chappell was all praise for Yuvraj, but failed to say anything about Rao who has managed paltry scores of 98 and 101* in the 2 outings on successive days.
    Update: Perhaps no one asked him about Rao's performances? (thanks to memorykeeper for reminding that)
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    3 sledge(s):

    I watched the match live here in US, and am thoroughly enjoying the level of cricket being exhibited during the Challenger Trophy.
    I wasnt able to watch the whole post-match interview with GC. To be fair to GC, he can only answer based on the context of the question asked. I did not catch the whole interview, and may be wrong here. But if he has not been asked about Rao, I don't think GC will embark on a monologue on his take of each player's performance.

    Great blog by the way.
    If I may suggest and hope its not out of turn, the blog may look better if you just try and post just one picture of SRT on the right somewhere.

    By Blogger memorykeeper (12-Oct-2005, 7:21:00 PM)  

    Memorykeeper: Addressing you thus since I couldn't find your real name on your blog. There is actually just one post of SRT on the right hand side. The picture just repeats itself. For what it's worth, it could have been any other player. We were more concerned about a picture which provided a nice cricket-related background and could act as a background for a navigation bar. If you do find some nice pics which could replace that, do let us know through a comment.

    By Blogger Jagadish (13-Oct-2005, 11:27:00 AM)  

    I'm used to being called Memorykeeper, since our blogs are our respective identities on and in the blogworld. But a lot of people on the web know me as [R J] aka Rakesh, so that should suffice.

    I did realize that the one pic was being repeated. And I have nothing against SRT's pic or any other pic for that matter. Just my opinion and it may surely differ from that of yours. Why not just have a plain color background on the right there and insert, by way html, pic or pics. Right now, the area of the right column, where you have the pic in the background, the links, the search bar etc, it's pretty noisy and crowded, distracting even.


    ~ R J

    By Anonymous Memorykeeper [RJ] (13-Oct-2005, 10:14:00 PM)  

    We'd prefer if you posted comments with your real name to add more credibility to your opinions. However, the moderators reserve the right to delete comments, especially those containing offensive or unsuitable language. The opinions in the comments are your own views. You are welcome to provide a URL to your own cricket blog, but the moderators reserve the right to delete comments which only reference sites for viewing live streams.

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