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    March 11, 2009

    Woeful defensive England

    West Indies have won their first series against half-decent opposition since beating India in 2002. They came pretty close to losing the final test, and were 8 down when the game ended. It'd have been very interesting if there was a situation where having exhausted the 2 reviews available to them, they couldn't appeal for (say) a plumb lbw that wasn't given in their favour. This was a situation I outlined in a post after the ICC announced that teams would now only get 2 reviews rather than the previous 3.
    Imagine if the test match or series was up for grabs, with the last pair at the crease and an appeal for lbw was made, but the umpire ruled not out even though it was quite plumb. The bowling team finds to its agony that it has exhausted all its reviews. The batsmen go on to save/win the test. I'm guessing that it isn't an altogether unlikely scenario. So why should a team be penalized for using up its reviews even as an umpire getting it wrong totally costs them a test/series?
    There's a lot of talk around West Indies being defensive by filling the side with batsmen & picking only 3 bowlers for the last test and preparing dead pitches. There's no doubt that the ICC needs to do something about the pitches. But if anything, England were defensive yesterday and showed no positive intent.

    I actually expected England to declare before lunch, immediately after Pietersen had got his century. But bizarrely, they kept batting for around 10 more balls. Could those extra balls have made a difference? Entirely likely!

    In fact, when Prior got out, Pietersen was on 80-odd and apparently had issues with the instructions that were relayed to him. Maybe the lure of a personal landmark clouded his judgement. I'm surprised he didn't rewind to just 3 months ago when he was England's skipper enjoying India bizarrely & defensively focussing on Gambhir and Yuvraj getting centuries at the cost of winning the Mohali test.

    England made 3 scores of 500 or more in the series against West Indies. It's quite possible this is the first time this has resulted in a series loss.

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    2 sledge(s):

    If they had declared two overs before lunch, they'd have lost the two overs due to the change over?

    By Anonymous Anonymous (11-Mar-2009, 3:48:00 PM)  

    Great depth analysis.

    Please add on blogroll and visit as your analysis would be greatly valued.

    I think Adil Rashid deserves the opportunity to be granted with an international debut. He is the new Shane Warne and imparts good turn on the ball. His batting and athletic fielding should also come handy and this Bradford born prospect could have an astonishing impact on the fate of English cricket.

    Therefore I request Andrew Strauss to give him a decent run in the Odi’s before the biggest cricket of summer ever arrives on the doorstep !!!!!!!

    By Blogger maza786 (13-Mar-2009, 11:44:00 PM)  

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