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    October 21, 2008

    India vs Australia - Second Test - Day 5 - The Debacle is Complete

    And so it was with renewed optimism, fuelled by a good night's sleep, that I "tuned" in again to the CricInfo, ball by ball commentary, hoping against all reason, for the most unlikely of draws.

    The news came on the local radio station as some clueless newsreader announced, "and play has resumed in India, with a draw the most likely result...". As I did my best not to splatter coffee all over my monitor, I glanced down at the "ball-by-ball" to noticed Haddin was gone, and started to wonder if maybe, there was a nice golf course in Mohali that a few of the boys had their eyes on, or maybe they just had a piece of action at where ever the local newsreader was getting here odds from!

    For a short while I lost the connection to the "Ball by Ball" feed. I think probably because most of India was by now tuning in too - when it returned, two more wickets had fallen. Disgraceful! These guys are paid professionals. I can only hope this is them, getting all the bad ones out of the way, so that there is some hope for the final two tests

    Finally, the debacle was complete as Clarke fell to Mishra. Australia falling 320 runs short, half way through the first session on Day 5.

    A weak effort by Australia's batsman throughout, "complimented" with the docile at best bowling attack, was completely outclassed by a focussed and brilliantly executed effort by the Indian team, who seemed filled with vision, drive and a sense of destiny. They batted brilliantly, showing the Aussies the value of SO MANY singles, when building a big, big score (twice), and they bowled equally as well, with options galore, movement, spin, aggression, everything of which Australia had none.

    ...and so it's on to Delhi next Wednesday with India 1 nil up and Australia with a week to re-group.

    Looking back of the four and a bit days of this match, it is honestly hard to find a period of more than maybe 15 minutes, Australia could call theirs. That's a disturbing aspect of this loss, because even in past losses, they have never been dominated for an entire Test Match - that was always the catch cry wasn't it? When you've got them down you've got to work to keep them down, because they won't stay there for long. Well they're down now, and there's only one way to go right! Up...way up!


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