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    January 14, 2007

    Gilchrist gets away with it

    Very early on in New Zealand's chase against Australia today, this happened:
    2.2 Bracken to Astle, OUT, caught behind, it was bit wide outside the off stump, swings away, Astle cuts at it, gets the edge, Gilchrist takes the catch... loud appeal, Astle waits for some time, asking the umpire whether it carried. The umpire gives the nod, Astle has to go. The replays are not conclusive....
    The square-leg umpire, Asad Rauf, gave a nod even though it wasn't absolutely clear first up that Gilchrist had caught it cleanly before the ball touched the ground. Was Asad Rauf influenced by the fact that Gilchrist keeps walking, even when it's bleedingly obvious that he is out, and thus plants a seed of doubt in umpires' minds that if he's been truthful earlier, he'd always be truthful? There was every case for the third umpire being asked to adjudicate on the issue, but Gilchrist's "righteousness" won the day.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 10:58 AM |
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    3 sledge(s):

    I agree that there is a definate need for more 3rd umpire decisions. Particularly in this circumstance.

    We should really give the 3rd Umpire the responsibility for front foot no balls as well, thus freeing up the Bowler's end umpire to focus on line etc for LBWs and nicks.

    By Blogger Middle & Off (14-Jan-2007, 4:34:00 PM)  

    ...except that he was right. It was a catch, the camera showed it and therefore they were right to believe him - not sure what the point is. All that introducing a third umpire to this decision would've done, would be to create more cotroversy. There should be more of it - Astle wasn't that upset - he rightfully just waited until given out then went.

    By Blogger Stu (15-Jan-2007, 5:18:00 AM)  

    middle & off: The third umpire has a job to do. If you are going to involve him, get him in at the right moment. I've seen umpires ask for the third umpire in run-outs when the batsman was like 3 ft outside the crease when the stumps were broken.

    stu: I'm not disputing if the catch was clean. My point was that there was sufficient doubt in the catch to warrant asking the third umpire to have a look. My point was that Gilchrist had collected enough 'karma' over the years through walking to influence umpires unfairly into thinking that if he appealed for a dismissal, he was always going to be truthful about it.

    By Blogger Jagadish (16-Jan-2007, 6:25:00 PM)  

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