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    December 19, 2006

    Connect question: Nel, Sreesanth and Warne

    Andre Nel and Shane Warne wrongly get away with badmouthing/sledging opponents, coercing/forcing umpires to give decisions in their favour, criticizing umpiring decisions, etc. while Sreesanth rightly cops a fine for giving a send-off to Hashim Amla at the Wanderers.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 9:52 AM |
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    14 sledge(s):

    If the ICC Match Referee is designated to uphold the "spirit of the game", I wonder how Warne got away with his hand clapping send off of Andrew Flintoff in the first test at Brisbane.
    That was no more in keeping with the spirit of the game than Sreesanths actions today.

    By Anonymous Anonymous (19-Dec-2006, 10:53:00 AM)  

    my fear has become real. i loved sreesanth for his spirit and the thrashing he gave to nel (not the six, but the dance) as i have been longing for someone to give back to nel for the ditch-mouth he has been.

    at the same time, being an indian and especially with madugalle as the referee, you have to be more than doubly cautious even before looking back at the stumps if you are bowled. you could be fined for doing so. officially, i hate madugalle for not being a fair man in the game, though some will never agree - don't know why!

    cant the icc have a body/committee to slam referee who are not consistent? consistency is something that this game definitely needs - be it a player or an umpire or even a referee.

    By Blogger Ganesh (19-Dec-2006, 10:55:00 AM)  

    Consistency in match referee/umpiring decisions has never been a hallmark. I wonder if the ICC even wants to do something about it. Maybe they'll just come out with a statistic which says that match referees get 94% of their decisions right.

    By Blogger Jagadish (19-Dec-2006, 12:38:00 PM)  

    is the match referee madugalle or mahanama? I thought Roshan Mahanama was the match referee for the India SA series.

    By Anonymous Anonymous (19-Dec-2006, 6:47:00 PM)  

    homer: You're right. Mahanama is the ref for this series.

    By Blogger Jagadish (19-Dec-2006, 7:19:00 PM)  

    oh, sorry my mistake.
    but my views on madugalle dont change!

    By Blogger Ganesh (19-Dec-2006, 7:53:00 PM)  

    how much of what the match ref does come as feedback from the umps? and if it is based on what the umps report, what does it say of the attitude of the umps vis a vis one set of players versus another?

    By Anonymous Anonymous (19-Dec-2006, 9:01:00 PM)  

    I am not sure if the umpires provide feedback on the match referee. Section D of the Code of conduct for Players and Officials deals with what a match referee should do. I couldn't find the word 'consistent' in the code! Maybe we're expecting too much! There's a Chief ICC Match Referee (Madugalle). I suppose that means he would have the power to investigate claims made against other referees, but what happens if he's in the 'accused' box?

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Dec-2006, 12:34:00 AM)  

    "spirit of the game" or "excessive appealing" too is not defined in black and white.. so who decides whats in the spirit of the game or what is excessive and what is not?
    this is one of those slippery slope thingies i guess.. if an argument is made one way, you stand accused of being racist.. if another track is taken, you stand accused of belonging to the "subcontinental axis".

    By Anonymous Anonymous (20-Dec-2006, 12:50:00 AM)  

    I think you guys should watch what Sreesanth did after removing Amla. It's good that the matter died down so easily. I was expecting he'd be suspended a game or two. (He wasn't fined for his altercation with Nel).

    By Anonymous Sumit (20-Dec-2006, 4:13:00 AM)  

    and what exactly did sreesanth do? i have watched the clip over a diozen times and it strikes me no different that warne's action after dismissing flintoff.

    By Anonymous Anonymous (20-Dec-2006, 5:51:00 AM)  

    homer: While Warne getting away scot-free shouldn't mean that we should accept Sreesanth's reaction with a pinch of salt, the other case maybe made out that some individuals won't be hauled up, regardless of what they do. For e.g. I've seen Tendulkar dart right down the middle of a pitch *so* many times, yet no umpire has ever warned him!

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Dec-2006, 11:03:00 AM)  

    jagadish .. point taken..
    what i had written was in response to what sumit had written ( --I think you guys should watch what Sreesanth did after removing Amla. It's good that the matter died down so easily. I was expecting he'd be suspended a game or two.).
    My take is that it was no different from Warne's action in the Brisbane test.
    I am not condoning Sreesanths behavior, on the contrary.
    He was over the top and therefore deserved to get the Level 1 offence.
    However, it was not so dramatic to invoke a suspension.

    By Anonymous Anonymous (20-Dec-2006, 12:09:00 PM)  

    Sreesanth was never going to be suspended. Level-1 offences don't invite suspensions, only Level-2 and above do.

    By Blogger Jagadish (20-Dec-2006, 3:54:00 PM)  

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