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    October 19, 2005

    Duncan Fletcher's story of the Ashes

    The Guardian has a serialization running of Duncan Fletcher's book Ashes Regained: The Coach's Story.

    In the first couple of extracts he has his take on happenings during the Ashes, including coach clashes, hurting Hayden and picking Pietersen over Thorpe.

    Flintoff's autobiography is out on the stands now.

    Update: Fletcher's views on how Ponting's outburst about England's usage of substitutes told him that Australia were under tremendous pressure and clutching at just about every straw which flew their direction.


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    Blogwhore - although it is about the topic at hand!

    Note to Matthew Hayden: Be Quiet

    Anyway, Matthew Hayden has decided to get into the act. Sounding like a big tough dinosaur, Hayden essentially calls Fletcher a coward since he decided to wait until Ponting was on the other side of the world to make his announcement.

    So poor scared and hypocritical Fletcher has incurred the wrath of the Big Queenslander for not settling the argument the traditional way and meet Ponting behind the change sheds.

    Read the rest of the article

    By Blogger One Salient Oversight (21-Oct-2005, 4:40:00 PM)  

    Clealy, the fans are not the only ones suffering from Posh-Ashes hangover ... all these English players (first Flintoff, and then Vaughan) and now even the coach coming out with their books in which they manage to tell us things which they supposedly think we don't know.

    Ponting has now reacted to Fletcher's criticism saying, "I guess it's disappointing for that kind of stuff to be coming out now. We did everything in our power to play the game in the right spirit - I think that was pretty evident right through the whole series, I don't recall having any of the umpires speak to me or any of the match officials speak to me other than that one incident which I was fined for."

    Can everyone please stop trying to tell us what the spirit of the game is, and who upheld it and who didn't - I like to think we as fans have pretty good idea ourselves, and can make up our minds, we don't need people coming out and presenting their cases in their books / columns / whatevers ... as if this blame game they've indulged in is in the 'spirit' of the game! So much for so-called spirit.

    By Anonymous Zainub (21-Oct-2005, 8:43:00 PM)  

    One Salient Oversight: I think it is fairly brave of Hayden to suggest that while Australia will cleanup all opposition, he doesn't see England win too many.

    Zainub: Spirit of the game is nonsense. Australia were hopeless with their overrate at Trent Bridge. I wasn't aware that doing so was well within the spirit of the game.

    By Blogger Jagadish (23-Oct-2005, 7:15:00 PM)  

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