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    September 13, 2005

    How did you feel?

    While watching England's post-game celebrations after pocketing the Ashes, how did you feel?

    I've been rooting for Australia even before (and ever since) this blog began. There is absolutely no doubt that England were the far better side and full credit to them. They showed that they were a much better (prepared) side than Australia. So while I begrudged England's victory, I felt a sense of disbelief and revulsion as well. I couldn't bear to see the celebrations. I hated it! Would an Aussie have also had such strong feelings?

    England played superbly from the second test onwards, while Australia went downhill. Fortune was not an issue at all, as Australia won two tosses and England won three. Ponting's mistake in the Edgbaston toss meant that effectively England won four out of the five tosses! Do England become the world's best side? I, and thankfully the ICC table, don't think so. What this series win has done is to extend England's lead over India.

    Obviously you can't ctrl-z what has happened in the last couple of months or so. But I'd be quite elated if England tour India early next year and get thrashed left, right and centre. I couldn't care less if their full strength side turned up or a few of them backed out on security or health grounds.

    Meanwhile, we move on. India take on Zimbabwe in quest of a series win. Sri Lanka are currently making merry against Bangladesh. The Super Series gets underway in October in Australia.

    England tour Pakistan next, and it is highly likely that many of the boys will be given time off on health or security grounds. Coincidentally, after England won the Ashes in 1953, their next opponent was Pakistan. The test series, played in England, was drawn 1-1. In 1987 after regaining the Ashes, England's next opponent was ... Pakistan, in England, with the series being won 1-0 by a very strong Pakistan side.

    Photos of the England team's celebrations at Trafalgar Square: Yahoo! News, Cricinfo and The Guardian.

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    Thus spake Jagadish @ 3:14 pm |
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    4 sledge(s):

    Just out of interest, would you be even slightly less annoyed if Giles had not helped steer England home in (effectively) two of the Tests?

    By Anonymous Geoff (13-Sep-2005, 1:55:00 pm)  

    Nice question. I think that has certainly added to my irritation :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (13-Sep-2005, 2:12:00 pm)  

    But for Giles, Eng would have won 3-1. How can a spinner return with 26-4-93-0 on Day 5 from Old Trafford ?

    By Blogger Ganesh (13-Sep-2005, 5:06:00 pm)  

    Hmmm...i would like to dream a dream of India beating England when they come touring here. Indias recent form as been nothing great to write home about.

    It will be a exciting series though.iam totally looking forward to it.

    By Blogger Vijayendra (14-Sep-2005, 1:14:00 pm)  

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