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    June 20, 2005

    Shane "Scandal" Warne in the news again, for the wrong reasons

    A week without doing something wrong or without making headlines for the wrong reasons is a long time in Shane Warne's life. So it comes as no surprise that barely a week after he had a slanging match with an umpire in a county championship game, he is now on the "Exclusive" section of the London tabloid "Sunday Mirror" for apparently badgering a 25 year old Laura Sayers for sex sometime earlier this month. Laura Sayers claims that the incident took place earlier this month, on the eve of the Australian squad's arrival in England.

    Warne's other feats, outside of his ability to bowl, bat and field that is, are chronicled below, in reverse chronological order. Readers are welcome to fill up any other missing gaps.

    May 2005:
    Shane Warne's nomination for a Laureus Award (Comeback of the year) was criticized, rightly so, by Dawn Fraser.

    April 2005:
    Warne was caught with his trousers down and a cigarette in his mouth. Earlier in the month, Warne and Chris Adams had a sledging match.

    March 2005:
    It was revealed that he sent an explicit text message to a woman in New Zealand.

    The year was a fairly quiet one for Warne, perhaps because he was preparing to come back to international cricket following his one year ban for taking a diuretic shortly before the 2003 World Cup. Of course, he did his bit to court controversy by saying that he was disappointed his teammates also didnt join in the fun and instead chose to keep a fair distance away from him.

    August 2003:
    Forty five year old South African grandmother of one, Helen Cohen Alon, claimed that Warne had sent her several raunchy text messages. Shortly thereafter, Angela Gallagher, a stripper from Melbourne claimed that Warne had harassed her with text messages.

    February 2003:
    Warne quits from the 2003 World Cup after admitting to taking a diuretic. He was subsequently suspended by an ACB committee for a year.

    June 2000:
    A nurse in London accused him of harassing her with disgusting phone messages.

    February 2000:
    Warne had a heated argument with two teenagers who had photographed him smoking in spite of the fact that he had signed a huge contract in 2001 to wear anti-smoking patches.

    December 1998:
    Shane Warne and Mark Waugh reveal that they accepted money from a bookmaker in exchange for information. The ACB subsequently instituted an inquiry committee which recommended changes to the way the ACB handled issues of that nature and also criticized the fact that the players had got away with a monetary penalty.

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    2 sledge(s):

    It appears a nasty end (possibly) to a great career. For someone so talented he unfortunately gets so much wrong attention. I think he picked the wrong country to settle in. I hope he gets up for the Ashes, and then is able to do some serious soul searching for his future.

    By Anonymous Bowled Warney (28-Jun-2005, 6:11:00 PM)  

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    By Blogger Horse Sense (04-Oct-2005, 10:28:00 AM)  

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