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    April 29, 2005

    Happy birthday to ... us!

    Exactly a year ago, when we started off with this blog, it was just an experimental venture.

    I had been blogging for over a year. I did write on a fair amount of cricket there but I felt the need to have a channel exclusively for me to rant on cricket. Ganesh & I have a few common interests, the primary one among them being passionate for cricket.

    We both admire the way Ganguly & Wright have turned the Indian team around with help from Tendulkar, Kumble and Dravid, in spite of the BCCI. We're both (who isn't?) in awe of the likes of Gilchrist and McGrath. We also share a contempt for the English cricket team and to some extent, for New Zealand cricket.

    Of course we have our differences as well. While he thinks highly of Mahela Jayawardene and Damien Martyn, I do not. He has lost faith in VVS Laxman while I have not. He is exasperated with Brian Lara. I am in awe of him. He doesn't really believe that Bradman would have been as great as he turned out to be if he played in the modern era. I am unconvinced by his arguments, I feel Bradman would have averaged 70, not 99.94. While we both agree on the issue of chucking, he feels stronger than me that Murali chucks.

    Jagadish has said it all. I wasn't having a proper blog before this one, but my cricket passion can be seen in my first ever post in any blog. Still, in this partnership between Jagadish & me, its he who blogs most of the time - well, yes giving the cake to the better eater!

    Its really been very nice to have a blog for a game which we love very much. We have also got unknown friends from various parts of the globe, thanks to this blog. Actually, in recent times, my job, though related to internet, has been taking all my time and I haven't had the time to update the blog as frequently as I'd have liked to. Jagadish keeps cribbing and rightly so. I hope I start to contribute more now that this blog is a year old.

    One thing that has clearly changed between this day last year and today is that we both were just husbands then, but now, dads too.

    Now when we go back and see our posts of a year ago, we get the feeling nothing much has changed.

    Tendulkar is still being interviewed about his career, England is dreaming about the 'Ashes', the BCCI is still goofing up while the only thing which has changed from April 29, 2004 is the fact that Wright has confirmed that he's done with being the Indian cricket coach.


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