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    April 11, 2007

    It's still anybody's game.

    Back after the Easter break, all refreshed and ready to go...and look what's gone on. Australia pumped England, South Africa drop a game to Bangladesh and one of the two could be very disappointed come semi-finals time. If Bangladesh can manufacturer another win somewhere, one of these sides (England or South Africa) could miss out - I can't quite figure out which one I'd rather see missing - for Australia's sake, South Africa are probably a bigger threat of providing a knock out punch come finals time, but the sheer pleasure of seeing England sent home with their tails between their legs is hard to go passed.

    Everyone is saying Australia's big threat now is New Zealand. True...NZ are alway a big threat to Australia - they lift a gear or two whenever they take them on and the recent history is certainly striking - but in this form of the game anyone is a threat. While Australia are still favourites I guess, as they love to say in the world of sports commentary - it's still anybody's game!

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