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    January 29, 2007

    Insulting commercial

    Nimbus' Neo Sports have the rights of telecast of the India-West Indies & the India-Sri Lanka ODI series in India. By watching the channel, I realize that they are so proud of having the rights. Good, its all fine for the monies they would be making and the immense joy they would be carrying into the houses of millions. Infact, having watched the match(es), I think they are doing a decent job in the telecast than many other channels who make a mockery of cricket telecast.

    All these doesn't mean that they can stoop down to any level. There should be some standard for their inhouse commercials. The commercials for the Pepsi cup and that they would be showing them live are so filthy that I switch channels whenever I see them. Usually, during cricket matches, I don't switch channels at all for the entire duration of the match, unless there is another exciting match going on in another channel.

    It's tough being a West Indian in India - this may be true if India crush them and it should pertain only to the cricket and only on the field and nothing should be taken outside. But the commercial they show is so unhealthy that a West Indian eats something spicy and runs around for water when none of the Indian folks give him water. It's even more irritating to see them do dirty things like putting their articial teeth into a tumbler of water or diping their dirty hands into it, just to make sure that he suffers.

    India is a land (atleast) known for warm reception and hospitality. The commercial just leaves a very bad taste about our countrymen in the disgusting way a guest is being treated. Being a West Indian should be tough in that centre where they take on Dravid & Co. Though, that's what they are trying to convey, the way its shown is sickening. When we have committees and revolts for useless things, why not have someone to monitor these and make sure such commercials are avoided.

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    4 sledge(s):

    Yes. Quite irritating. A lot of ad folks might think its very creative and hilarious though :)

    By Blogger Jagadish (29-Jan-2007, 2:38:00 PM)  

    I haven't seen it, but it sounds as though it is shooting yourself in the foot a bit. How many west indians are going to see that? Or worse how many Australians and English? They may know it's a joke, but many a truth is said in jest, and it may hurt tourism.

    By Blogger Reenen (30-Jan-2007, 12:32:00 PM)  

    Jesus Christ. Get a life. That commercial is in fact creative and hilarious, as Jagadish mentioned. Enjoy it for what it is, and don't make it some symbol of India and how it treats its guests or other such bullshit. It's an ad for cricket and it conveys its message well, and even encourages some healty competition between the two fan groups. It's nothing more than an ad, and nobody is misunderstanding its message other than righteous snobs like yourself.

    And please spare us the utter horsecrap about India's superior morality and values -- warm reception and hospitality!? That might have been true in days past, but in modern day India you'll find plenty of examples both supporting and refuting such claims. Don't try to portray India in a single color, specifically when that tone is wrong.

    How many Australians, English or West Indians would see this commercial? Not very many. Neo sports only has broadcast rights in India (and those too shared with the much wider-received Doordarshan). Even if they watch it, so what? This point is utterly moot, unless you're only interested in trying to impress them.

    By Blogger Pratik (03-Feb-2007, 3:14:00 PM)  

    pratik: I didn't say I thought it was hilarious. Read what I said :) But there's one half of me which wishes WI had gone back with a series draw/win which'd have splattered a lot of egg on the faces of the ad agency folks who thought of the ad!

    By Blogger Jagadish (06-Feb-2007, 12:57:00 PM)  

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