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    March 02, 2006

    England all set to weaken one-day squad

    The ECB has confirmed that skipper Michael Vaughan will miss the entire test series. He could be available for the one-day side.

    If he does join the touring party for the one-day side, it will, if anything, weaken the one-day squad rather than strengthen it. He has a fairly ridiculous record in one-day cricket, not having scored a single century. His highest score is 90, and it was made against the might of Zimbabwe. During that tour of Africa, he even scored 89 against Namibia. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't appear in his ODI scores.

    As far as I remember, his only significant knock against some decent quality opposition in a critical situation was the 80-odd against Australia in the 2004 Champions Trophy.

    There've been enough reams of newsprint wasted on examining Michael Vaughan's spot in the one-day side. A couple of months ago, when he left the Pakistan tour before the one-dayers, there was talk about how he was losing his hold on the one-day captaincy. Before the 2005 Ashes series, there was focus on his one-day record even as he expressed a wish to bat at #3.

    As early as during the second half of 2004, Michael Atherton wondered about Vaughan's one-day record, David Graveney denied rumours of Vaughan's resignation being sought after England crashed out before the NatWest series final and Jonathan Agnew suggesting that Vaughan should bat at #4.

    He could prove me wrong, but if his record over 70 games is anything to go by, he won't.
    Thus spake Jagadish @ 11:04 PM |
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    6 sledge(s):

    These days his presence weakens the test batting lineup also ;-)

    I would say he's got a nice little escape route via his persistent injury...he should bail out of the ODI squad, and concentrate on 'saving' his test spot. There are already rumours that he may retire from ODIs due to the injury...he can do well do let them grow.

    By Blogger worma (03-Mar-2006, 2:07:00 AM)  

    heh worma, actually his test batting isn't that bad. he did make a century in the ashes, remember?

    By Blogger Jagadish (03-Mar-2006, 3:59:00 PM)  

    Yeah, thats the problem...every once in a while he gets that kind of knock. But his consistency has been bad, and I would say bordering on in-consequential. If he continues this kind of form, I wonder if he would survive till Ashes. Lets see how he copes against a good Pak attack during the summer

    By Blogger worma (03-Mar-2006, 6:47:00 PM)  

    I think he's a pretty decent test player. The captaincy seems to be a bit of a burden on his batting though, causing inconsistency. Even if he denies it, the numbers certainly suggest so.

    By Blogger Jagadish (03-Mar-2006, 8:30:00 PM)  

    Michael Vauaghan is always going to be one of those freak players, the kind that are a joy to watch when they're in full flow, but they only do well (by and large) against certain opposition, and never really touch the consistency levels the likes of Dravid, Sachin, Lara, Inzi, Ponting, even Trescothick if you want to be kind have touched.

    Another Vaughan like freak player is Laxman.

    By Blogger Zainub (03-Mar-2006, 10:10:00 PM)  

    In any other timeframe, I'd have been hopping mad at you for suggesting that Vaughan was like Laxman. Now, given VVS' abysmal run of form [which will obviously culminate in being dropped, which I will be posting about], I don't have any justification.

    By Blogger Jagadish (04-Mar-2006, 12:39:00 AM)  

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